Full Moon in Leo, or how Byron cured my busy work hangover

Byron, 1813-14, R. Westall (1765–1836)

So much has happened for me since the awaited solar eclipse of 15 January that I haven’t had time to process it all, much less try and write about it properly (sorry, Neeti!).

What I can say is there have been flashes of new beginnings for me, but it is too early to tell what they may spark or what shape they may take. Given that the solar eclipse new moon occurred close to my north node and natal Moon, I reckon that what changes it heralds will have to be processed emotionally. What it feels like following my ‘sleepy’ start to January is like the stuff I didn’t have the energy to get to just piled up behind a large hatch. At the eclipse, the hatch was released and all the stuff, junk and jewels both, tumbled out higgledy-piggledy in a crazy mess I’m still slowly trying to sort through.

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Full Moon on my Sun: Birthing pangs, or won’t things just get a move on already?!

The general rule of thumb in astrology regarding new and full moons is to start things on a new moon, and watch for things to come to fruition at the full moon (not necessarily within the same cycle).

This last full moon in 10+ Gemini on 1-2 December was conjunct my Sun-Saturn in the 6th house (of work and service). The days of 1-2 December felt like a long (and very pregnant) pause, and having heard reports on various fronts of people being affected by this full moon, I wondered if maybe this was going to pass me by somehow. If the release didn’t come then, it certainly came a few days later (full moon effects sometimes take up to 4 days to manifest, I think).

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