I write, therefore it is

I decided to buy an astrological datebook this year, after years of relying on electronic calendars. By chance, I picked up a copy of We’Moon 2011, and I really like it.*

Apart from noting lunar cycles, it also gives you daily aspects made by the transit of the moon. Geared towards ‘womyn‘, it aims for a holistic celebration of our common humanity. Its pages also take us beyond the ordinary datebook: they are full of amazing pictures and inspirational writings, poetry, as well as a wealth of astrological information and even an ephemeris. It’s brilliant! Makes me happy to write stuff in it.

I use it to record daily tarot card draws, dreams and other metaphysical phenomena. In the notes pages at the back, I listed my new year’s intentions on the day before the Capricorn solar eclipse, and felt something powerful as the words emerged on the page. As a triple Gemini, I’m as wedded to my computer as anyone else — I used to make these lists on Word, and notes on iCal — but I am slowly recuperating the pleasures of taking pen to paper and savouring their materiality.

* I don’t work for We’Moon! Just sharing my experience of it.

Out of complexity, brutality

In this article, sociologist Saskia Sassen analyses the collective hardship produced by the recent meltdown of financial institutions as the result of a cynical process by which systems of extreme complexity are created for the sake of profit, and which results in also delivering a base brutality.

I can’t think of a better way of describing what going on right now. What’s disheartening is I’m starting to see this equation everywhere now. Recently came across the term ‘knowledge harvesting’ (Google it if you must, I refuse to link to these organisations), which in effect refers to a systematic retrieval of ‘knowledge’ from people before you sack them. If words can be said to have an aura, ‘knowledge harvesting’ brings up the sense of cold, hard steel, every science fiction nightmare come to pass.

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Right speech


This post is about a year and a half late, but better late than never.

I struggle with Right Speech, and while I can never hope to speak always calmly and kindly, I was looking for a way to trigger a reminder to myself and catch the cycle out earlier whenever the urge to speak in haste or in anger arose.

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Owning the words we think, speak and write

I’m cross-posting this on my Mercury retrograde blog, since it has direct relevance on Mercury-ruled activities of thinking, writing and speaking.

The Sun (life force) is currently conjunct Mercury (ideas, communication) and Mars (passion, action, anger) in truth-seeking Sagittarius, trine Vesta in Taurus, prompting me to think and write about what it means to take ownership of what one thinks and writes.

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