Pluto in Capricorn: Changing your relationship to the past

I posted some time ago about how Pluto’s transit into Capricorn seems to be turning our relationship to ageing (Capricorn) inside out (Pluto). It has been well noted that Capricorns seem to get younger as they get older.

This talk by 80s aerobics icon, Jane Fonda, seems to encapsulate that spirit as she enters the ‘third act’ of life. With her Capricorn ascendant and a late Sagittarius Sun (chart from Astrodatabank), Fonda is no stranger to Pluto transits in recent years.

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You ‘are’ who I project, but who am I?

The more I read about Venus retrograde and self-reassessment, the more my unconscious behaviour is starting to surface, and I’m using this blog, as ever, as a means of keeping it in the light.

As I summed up in a previous post, Venus retrograding in the self-centred sign of Aries is forcing us to come to terms with who that self is for each of us, or as Eric Francis put it, how to have a ‘relationship with ourselves’. Boots Hart’s article on the retrograde addresses how the self will need to engage, not just who it is or what it wants, but, crucially, what it also projects onto others:

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Encountering the shoulds — navigating Pluto in Capricorn

Carrying on the Saturn/Capricorn theme, I read something on evolutionary astrologer Tom Jacobs’ blog that resonates with my last post. Much has been and will be written about Pluto’s impending ingress into Capricorn later this month (google it). Plutonian energy is transformative, but works at a ‘cellular’ rather than a surface level, and many expect its transit through Capricorn to irrevocably change the way governments, corporations and traditional authority and institutions work. As Pluto is also about power, much of this change is likely to involve a massive resistance by these institutions to cling on to their power. The transit will last for about 17 years and it will be quite a ride.

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Mindful awareness and the Bard

And since you know you cannot see yourself,
so well as by reflection, I, your glass,
will modestly discover to yourself,
that of yourself which you yet know not of.
– Cassius to Brutus in William Shakespeare’s Julius Caesar, I.ii

Although the ides of March are not for another two weeks, it seems wholly apt to begin a mindfulness blog with this quotation from Shakespeare. This is what I hope the blog will be – a mirror for my own self-discovery.

That the subject is Brutus must be irony worthy of the Bard himself.

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