Poll: Saturn-Uranus opposition

I have a half-written post on the Saturn-Uranus opposition about to make its third pass in this cycle, but as I’m travelling from tomorrow for 2 weeks, I might not be able to finish and post it by the 18th.

So here’s a poll of what you might be expecting. Share some stories on Twitter or in the comment stream, if you have any!

Here’s an earlier post of my thoughts about the opposition:

Poll: Are people feeling better yet?

As we leave the crazy summer of eclipses behind us, we are reminded that their effects will be felt for weeks/months/years to come. Nevertheless, I feel the mood lifting slightly, if only like one surveying the rubble after a storm!

However you’re feeling, enjoy the lull now. In September, we will have the Saturn-Uranus opposition to look forward to, not to mention Mercury retrograde (I just looked at the retrograde station chart and am depressed. Will blog about it soon).

By the way, I want to plug April’s eclipse report (no, I make no commission from it!). I ordered one for myself, having been pummelled by the tremulous trio this summer, and it offered a huge amount of insight into crises patterns over my life, and looks ahead to the next cycle of eclipses, which will continue to stress my personal planets.

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