2010 — self-alignment

The cardinal cross of 2010 has been good to me on many levels, though it hasn’t been by any means easy. Occurring in the angular houses of my chart, it has become evident as I look back on the year that 2010 has been for me a series of lessons on aligning my inner self with my outer world. It has been about learning to be comfortable in my own skin, but also about creating environments — physical, social, emotional — that resonate well with my instincts.

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Small wonder: Pear and ginger(y) muffins

Dish of pears After the psychic disembowelling of the last few posts, it’s time to look at the small things that make it all worthwhile. My last ‘small wonder’ post was way back in March 2006! Much too long ago.

Last weekend, I had two pears which were starting to go soft. Something in the recesses of my memory sparked and I remember reading Farmgirl’s recipe for ‘Ginger Pear Bran Muffin’ a few weeks back, and I thought I’d give it a go.

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