Full Moon dreaming

I wonder if other people have been having vivid dreams lately. I dream a lot but was always too lazy to keep a dream journal until a week ago. As a result, my recall is getting better. I have been getting glimpses of lucidity too. Lucid dreaming occurs when one is aware that one is dreaming. Some people report being able to consciously manipulate the dreamscape, talk to characters in the dream and so on. I haven’t got that far but I recall thinking ‘Oh, I’m in a dream. Let’s try floating a bit.’ It was fleeting but I woke up feeling like anything is possible.

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Full Moon in Leo, or how Byron cured my busy work hangover

Byron, 1813-14, R. Westall (1765–1836)

So much has happened for me since the awaited solar eclipse of 15 January that I haven’t had time to process it all, much less try and write about it properly (sorry, Neeti!).

What I can say is there have been flashes of new beginnings for me, but it is too early to tell what they may spark or what shape they may take. Given that the solar eclipse new moon occurred close to my north node and natal Moon, I reckon that what changes it heralds will have to be processed emotionally. What it feels like following my ‘sleepy’ start to January is like the stuff I didn’t have the energy to get to just piled up behind a large hatch. At the eclipse, the hatch was released and all the stuff, junk and jewels both, tumbled out higgledy-piggledy in a crazy mess I’m still slowly trying to sort through.

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Adventures of the Invisible Girl III

850447_neptunes_cave I want to thank everyone on the Sasstrology.net forum who helped me ponder my apparent invisibility.

I am currently re-reading Joy Michaud’s The Uranus-Neptune Influence (1994). She writes that the way to best channel Neptune’s idealism and ethereality is through Saturn, not so much in terms of fencing in, or limiting, Neptune’s expression, but in the sense of giving it concrete structure (51):

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Now you see me, now you don’t

One of the reasons I really like Elsa P’s blog is that she relates aspects in the natal chart very directly and pithily to human behaviour. She writes quite a bit on Neptune aspects which I find fascinating and illuminating. Neptune is in my 12th house and often I find that I can’t quite get a grasp on it, much less try and direct the energy in a way that is useful.

Recently, Elsa blogged about ‘People who forget how much they like you … Venus Neptune the most likely culprit’, and I nearly jumped out of my chair. She puts it down to Neptune’s effect (dissolving, hallucinatory) on Venus (likeability and value). Here’s part of the post:

Here is another weird thing that happens in and around me with that Neptune action. It is very easy for people to forget they like me. They also can forget they don’t like me, I’ll get to that next. But on this other, there are people who like me, maybe even like me a lot, maybe they even love me but they lose track of this somehow and treat me like crap!

This leads to separation of course at which point with a little time, say an hour or a year depending, they think back and say, ya know. I really liked that Elsa after all. I actually regret slitting her throat, what was I thinking?

At that point they come back in my life and I am understandably cagey. Will their brain leave them again? Probably.

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