Happiness is …

Mars stationing direct after a long retrograde (since last December) seems to be easing the energy constipation I have been experiencing around me in the past months; not to mention the number of men that seem to have been incapacitated in one way or another — I have lost male colleagues temporarily to illness, broken bones, sprained backs, and other leaves of absence!

Even the mood in my therapy group was much lighter this week compared with the intense self-scrutiny of the past weeks (you might say that that’s what a therapy group is for — yes, but the easing of tension today was quite noticeable). We talked about the things that made us happy, which we almost never do, les misérables that we usually are! 🙂

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Sex and Zen I: Vesta

Mars and Venus Discovered by the Gods

As Venus (pleasure) moves into a watery trine (emotion) with Mars (libido), sex seems to be on everyone’s mind. Eric Francis of Planet Waves rants about the hypocrisy surrounding the supposed sexual misconduct of Eliot Spitzer, the governor of New York. Jundo Cohen of Treeleaf has made it the subject of his talks for the next few days, which he rather poetically refers to as ‘finding stillness in motion’! Rev. Kusala Bhikshu, who runs the Urban Dharma website, has just sent out his latest newsletter on the subject of celibacy. Celibacy, however, is only mandatory for monastics. Lay practitioners are still free to shag as much as they want, within the bounds of reason, moderation and awareness.

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