Mars rx in Virgo: Re-organize your life

Mars retrograding over my midheaven squaring my 6th house planets is sending me in to radical life-edit mode! This post about how a busy Japanese working mother organizes her kitchen sent me into raptures. I see a spring-clean project on the horizon. 😀

If, like me, you are getting the urge to clean up and clean out — both your physical and psychic spaces — here’s a series from zenhabits called ‘Edit Your Life’ that you might find useful:

Part 1: Commitments
Part 2: Your Rooms
Part 3: Closets and Drawers
Part 4: Your Work Space
Part 5: Your Wardrobe
Part 6: A Media Fast

Breathing between thoughts

Or at least speaking them out loud.

Mars in Virgo is squaring my Gemini stellium at the moment, and will do so three times in the next few months. Mercurial thoughts are racing fast and furious — only I forget that thinking aloud doesn’t always communicate what I’m feeling to others. And thinking my frustrations aloud just makes things worse.

As Mars prepares to retrograde in a few weeks for nearly four months, my note to self is to take a breath between each thought, if not literally, then metaphorically. And stay the quip, the tongue lash, the Martian urge to insist that what I think must ‘count’.

Image: Hieronymus Bosch, The Seven Deadly Sins and the Four Last Things (1485) (Wikimedia Commons)

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