Full moons: When ‘completion’ can mean many things!

I wanted a quiet 2010, but so far it’s been pretty turbulent. Not all bad, for sure, but turbulent. We’ve seen two major earthquakes within weeks, and without taking away any of the gravity of those events, I’m willing to bet that many people have been feeling quakes one way or another in their personal lives.

Since I’ve been tracking a few full moon experiences on this blog, I’m starting to find that something dramatic, and unexpected, nearly always happens. And every time, I am reminded that when people say full moons bring events and themes ‘to completion’, one never really know what form that’ll take until it happens.

Close to the previous Full Moon in Leo in late January (conjunct Mars), my Byronesque one, I was bringing to fruition a collaborative project with various partners. Our launch was planned for a date close to that Full Moon — and no, I didn’t pick the date for that reason, it was a group choice, and in that context, I don’t mention astrology. The evening before the launch, I get a call from our key guest speaker saying his flight had been cancelled and he would not be able to get into town on time. For various reasons I won’t go into detail here, I decided to fill in for him with an old presentation I gave to a different audience about a year ago. I hadn’t been scheduled to present that day at all. I had planned to be a behind-the-scenes organiser.

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The algebra of apology, or thoughts on the Libra Full Moon

Afterimage I meant to blog the second part of ‘Sex and Zen‘, but it will have to wait. Something more immediate has come up in the shadow of the full moon in Libra tomorrow (on the 20th or 21st of March, depending on which part of the world you live in).

Full moons bring issues to fruition, completion, or peaks. In the sign of Libra, the balance scales, the adjudicator and the peacemaker, this full moon is set to highlight issues of fairness, justice, and relations with other people. In the words of Lisa Dale Miller:

A Full Moon in Libra asks each of us to practice one particular relational skill: listening attentively with an open heart, an open mind, and without interruption or feedback. What exactly will we be listening for? Hopefully we can each attend to the voices of All Our Relations. This includes every living thing, on all planes of existence, on this planet, in our solar system, in our galaxy, and all throughout the multiplicitous universe. Think of this day as an invitation to enter into a sacred circle with every one and every thing you encounter. Interrupt less, listen more, and learn from every word, every movement, each intimation, and every action. With the light of the Full Moon making all things knowable, it is our job to open ourselves wide and take in all of life: the joy, the pain, the suffering, the ecstasy, the extraordinary, the ordinary, the pure, the defiled, the ignorance and intelligence.

A recent, and recurrent, encounter (unsurprisingly dating back to when the Moon entered Libra in early November 2007), is forcing me to face up to issues of limits, boundaries, and fair representation of self as it relates to others. Can we accept how others see us, even if that representation seems false? If truth lies in competing perspectives, can we assert one truth of ourselves against the perceived falsehood of another? Where do we draw the line at what is an acceptable truth, and what is not? Where is the line between abuse and a silent plea for help? Between the abuser and the abused? Which is which? What is the ideal balance between tolerance and self-preservation, compassion and withdrawal from cruelty?

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