Projection: Channelling by proxy

stepford_wives More thoughts on being projected on. (Note: I am aware that this doesn’t absolve me from my own projections, but that’s not the subject of today’s topic).

I was musing the last time about MV reading deception into what, to me, are neutral requests or statements. There is no better time than while Mercury is retrograde in Gemini to try and review this process.

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Time to practise what I preach

758221_baby__goats Reassessing what I value must include extending those values to others.

If there is anything Mercury in Gemini values, it is the power of words.

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Dignity and destiny

I did sign up for a gestalt course after all, and the experience was really interesting and illuminating. What draws me to it is the emphasis on self-responsibility and awareness. The encounter itself is difficult to put into words, and true to the gestalt philosophy, must be experienced.

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