The Sunshine Boy

The Sunshine Boy (Fridrik Thor Fridriksson, Iceland 2009)

There are some films that have the power to change the world, and I hope this one actually proves it.

Fridrik Thor Fridriksson directs this documentary about one woman’s journey to try and understand her autistic son’s mind. In adopting the voice of one mother’s search for answers, and help, for her son, the film introduces the wide spectrum of effects this condition can have on individuals and families, many of them heart-breaking.

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Finding the words to break boundaries — navigating Mercury in Aquarius

All this talk about Capricorn has made me forget that what follows Capricorn is Aquarius, the sign of the inventor and the great humanitarian.

It’s funny and apt that my concerns about navigating social norms and boundaries should be so eloquently answered by Eric Francis writing on Mercury’s current ingress in Aquarius, and the upcoming Mercury retrograde in the same sign. The article is worth excerpting here, although I’ve mentioned it elsewhere:

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