Mars-Jupiter square: a stand-off?

From The Good, the Bad and the Ugly (1966)

The Pluto-Mars-Jupiter t-square right over my natal Mars and Uranus feels like a standoff. There’s stuff I want to do, new directions I want to follow, but it feels like I’m locked into an impasse and waiting for someone to blink. There’s nothing I can do to speed up the process, yet other things are dependent on my moving soon.

Jupiter in Cancer feels like it wants to sit tight and get comfortable, while Mars in Libra wants to go. In reality, I need to go before I can settle and get comfortable. Maybe by the Cancer full moon…

Cancer Moon, oh Cancer Moon

I’ve had two fights — let’s call them ‘mutual displays of inner fragilities and fear’ — already. And it’s not even lunchtime.

Mystic Medusa’s advice on what not to do this full moon weekend is not inaccurate. I wish it could’ve been avoided. Happy Full Moon! I’m going to bake a cake or something and recuperate.

Image: Red Crabs (Wikimedia Commons).

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