A noodle story

I was watching a movie about noodles yesterday (seen it countless times, and it still always makes me hungry) and had a craving for some but didn’t have any. At lunch today, I fancied some noodles again but the nearest noodle bar was just that bit too far away. Third time lucky (in a manner of speaking), I went to my meditation group tonight, and they were unusually talkative — someone mentioned noodles.

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Astrology podcasts

The internet has really done a lot for astrology in the past decade. Apart from amazing blogs (some listed on the sidebar), there are also some really good podcasts I thought I’d draw your attention to. I find it useful to be able to listen to them while cleaning windows, or ironing, or doing some other mundane chore. Some offer short snippets of info into current transits, while others do a full length radio programme, complete with guest interviews and live callers. I enjoy some of the live readings as they really bring astrology to life as a tool for everyday living.

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Pluto direct: Blog stats spike!

blog stats 0909

Hey, I was totally surprised to find out that the number of hits to my blog has spiked exponentially in the past 24 hours! Mainly because some very popular and respected astrologers have recommended my blog — I’m awed and humbled. Is this an effect of Pluto direct in my 1st house?!

Thank you to all the astro-blogging -twitter friends I’ve made these past weeks, who have linked to my blog, left comments, re-tweeted my posts and so on. You’re all so amazing, I’m privileged to be counted among you. Here are some of you:

If I’ve missed out anyone, I’m sorry!! Just know that every comment is appreciated.

I hope Pluto direct is ushering good things for you.


Vimalakirti I thought I’ll take a break from my Hades Moon for a bit.

My Buddhist group is currently studying The Holy Teaching of Vimalakirti: A Mahayana Scripture (alternatively known as the
Vimalakirti Nirdesa Sutra). We covered Chapter One* last week called ‘The Purification of the Buddha-field’, which led to a discussion of what that ‘buddha-field’ might be.

Originally, I thought it might be something akin to an aura, but looking at the formal definitions, which describe it as a ‘field of influence’ (of a buddha or bodhisattva) that transcends time and space, I realised it is something far more abstract. Robert Thurman describes it as being akin to a ‘buddha-verse’, as in ‘uni-verse’, which makes the concept a bit easier to grasp.

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Treeleaf and time

Fall leaves A member of my local sangha recently drew my attention to an online Zendo (I hesitate to use the word ‘virtual’, because it is very real) called ‘Treeleaf‘. It is led by Jundo Cohen, a Zen teacher in the Soto lineage of Masters Eihei Dogen and Gudo Wafu Nishijima.

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Letting life happen

I was listening to a talk by Paul Haller recently, called ‘Just Sitting Being Alive’, which he delivered in Belfast sometime last year (it can be found on the Black Mountain website).

One thing he said about Zen practice that struck me; that stillness is ‘when we can just let life happen around us’ (or something to that effect). (It is interesting that the same point – being in the moment – can be made over and over, and yet have something new to learn from each time).

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Taking the bait

‘Can we resist taking the bait?’ was a question posed in a discussion group on Zen practice that I participate in. How many times do we take the bait when we can see not just the worm but the hook, line and angler? In my case, sometimes my mind gets in the way, and it starts thinking, ‘Maybe the worm isn’t a worm and it isn’t attached to a hook. I’m just imagining things.’ That’s when the trouble starts.

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