Grateful for zazen

862412_hand_of_buddha The past few months have been rather trying, and while I can easily point to Pluto (see past few posts), ‘blaming’ the transits is missing the point. Life happens. Learning about Pluto is a means of understanding what’s happening. A means of coping with it is practice.

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Mercury in Gemini in conversation with Mercury in Virgo: Implications and obligations

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In preparation for Mercury rx in Gemini and Virgo later this year, I thought I’d share a little life example that occurred to me recently of a conversation between someone with Mercury in Gemini (me) and someone with Mercury in Virgo. Although Mercury rules both signs, their conversational styles, processes of analyses, and most of all what they prioritise are completely different.

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Venus retrograde: Reassessing what you value

These are tense times. Scanning the headlines on the Huffington Post makes me dizzy, anxious, and mildly depressed. Trying to fix the world is important, but perhaps the only way to do that is to look within and fix ourselves, if ‘fix’ is even the right word.

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Crossed paths

Ever wonder if the people who cross our paths are somehow meant to cross them? I don’t necessarily mean it in a mystical or supernatural sense, but more like a gestalt sense: a sense that in the crossing of paths is a lesson to be learned about one’s momentary being in the world.

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Knots landing

During my gestalt weekend, it was put to the group that one of the premises of gestalt therapy is that human beings have an innate will to completion. That is, when faced with an incomplete pattern, or ‘unfinished business’, the subject has an inherent desire to close the circuit. While anxiety may be alleviated by putting some of these unfinished business to bed, anxiety may equally arise if undue stress is placed upon completing patterns for which no completion is forthcoming. For instance, missing out on the opportunity to ‘put things right’ with a parent before s/he dies.

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Controlled chaos, or thoughts on the Saturn-Uranus opposition

Call it ‘the Grand Irrationality’, as Robert Wilkinson does, or a ‘tricky time’ as this reader does on There’s a weirdness in the air — a sense that what we know, experiences we have built up (Saturn), may not, or cannot, help us make sense of the chaos (Uranus) we sense. The economy is messed up, the environment is messed up, politics is messed up and (many of) our personal lives may be messed up.

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Moving house

Gingerbread city

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