Full Moon dreaming

I wonder if other people have been having vivid dreams lately. I dream a lot but was always too lazy to keep a dream journal until a week ago. As a result, my recall is getting better. I have been getting glimpses of lucidity too. Lucid dreaming occurs when one is aware that one is dreaming. Some people report being able to consciously manipulate the dreamscape, talk to characters in the dream and so on. I haven’t got that far but I recall thinking ‘Oh, I’m in a dream. Let’s try floating a bit.’ It was fleeting but I woke up feeling like anything is possible.

I wondered if there was any Neptune activity in my chart this Aquarius full moon and here’s what I found. The Full Moon is sextile my natal Neptune. In addition transiting Neptune is trine natal Mercury , and North Node is conjunct natal Neptune.

Neptune is in my 12th house. I don’t usually think about it much and tend to feel like it’s in a blind spot. But this full moon seems to be shining some light on it; the sextile suggests some kind of co-operation and productive application. So I have been trying to do a little reading. Joy Michaud has this to say about how to work with Neptune:

So how do we deal with this vague and often confusing longing within the soul? First it is essential to formulate and bring clearly into consciousness just what one’s ideals and dreams are. This will take much time and thought, and needs to be done in as methodical a way as possible, because the information is so often hazy and unclear. Writing all information down, and then going through it again and again at a later date seems the best way. Until the ideal is brought into more tangible consciousness it cannot be fully understood, but remains a vague subliminal influence, which can in some cases be detrimental to peace of mind, and may obscure our own unique purpose on earth. (Joy Michaud, The Uranus-Neptune Influence, Samuel Weiser, 1994, p. 34)

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Image: René Magritte, Infinite Gratitude, 1963.


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