Whirligig week

I wonder if anyone else is feeling the weird energy this week? It feels somewhat like Mercury retrograde, only more manic — and in some cases, frantic.

I’ve had so many incidents this week where sudden announcements or decisions would spring up only to be overturned very soon after. I’ve been told someone got an award, then learned they didn’t. Or that I had to work with someone, only to find out I might not have to. In some cases, people have said one thing, but meant another. Events have been planned, then cancelled, then reinstated or moved. Things seems to lurch from side to side, and I’m feeling slightly seasick.

The energy is unsettled and people seem to be frazzled and exhausted. Is it the buildup to the intensity of the Scorpio Full Moon? Or the restless Arian Mercury trying to pull away from dogged Saturn? Or Mars seeking to escape the clutches of foggy Neptune?

A way of tapping into the energy more usefully, I’m discovering, is to pause before reacting too quickly. Circumstances may change anyway.

Image: Wheel gymnastics, Wikimedia Commons.


3 Responses to Whirligig week

  1. JiHyang says:

    Yes– since this Scorpio Full Moon is so close to the Earth, my sense is that this is, indeed, the buildup. That’s a very active chart for the full moon. Note also that Mercury and Mars are still in mutual reception…
    So it may continue to be intense for a little while longer.

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  3. Jessica says:

    Thank goodness i’m not alone! This has been a crazy time and normaly I do think before I react but I have felt frantic myself. Tried to book a holiday that got madly complicated untill I finally gave up, bought a gift for someone that still hasn’t arrived because the company system has crashed, my car going banannas and people seen to be acting crazy. The worst thing for me is my feeling of disconnectedness from source, usually through meditation I csn re=group and find my centre within the storm, but not this time…

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