2010 — self-alignment

The cardinal cross of 2010 has been good to me on many levels, though it hasn’t been by any means easy. Occurring in the angular houses of my chart, it has become evident as I look back on the year that 2010 has been for me a series of lessons on aligning my inner self with my outer world. It has been about learning to be comfortable in my own skin, but also about creating environments — physical, social, emotional — that resonate well with my instincts.

This is a theme for taking into 2011: how to continue to value myself and others; how to celebrate what I do have and stop bemoaning what I don’t; and how to find that Saturn in Libra balance of when to acquiesce and when to resist. I am even thinking a few martial arts lessons may be in order. According to my therapist, some things need to be experienced by the body in order to be assimilated by the mind. Learning to be in my body, as opposed to living in my head, has been a recurrent theme of 2010. Time to learn to integrate body and mind in 2011.

Happiness and good health in 2011 to all.

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Image: Sunset in Kuznetsk Alatau, South Siberia. Source: Wikimedia Commons.


3 Responses to 2010 — self-alignment

  1. nray says:

    Happy new year, ma belle!

  2. diastella says:

    So true, this big lesson from Saturn in Libra. Yes 2010 was tough, but the transformation that occurred within me during this time has taken me into a new way of living that is aligned with who I am…..no longer living (or rather being unable to live) out the expectations of others.
    Self-alignment is an excellent description of these times – and all the ingredients that go into making up the self – and how once the true path is accessed, the imperative to change becomes more urgent…..like a deepening getting deeper as the lightness grows lighter.

    • hitchhiker72 says:


      ‘…like a deepening getting deeper as the lightness grows lighter.’

      I like that! Thanks.

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