Out of complexity, brutality

In this article, sociologist Saskia Sassen analyses the collective hardship produced by the recent meltdown of financial institutions as the result of a cynical process by which systems of extreme complexity are created for the sake of profit, and which results in also delivering a base brutality.

I can’t think of a better way of describing what going on right now. What’s disheartening is I’m starting to see this equation everywhere now. Recently came across the term ‘knowledge harvesting’ (Google it if you must, I refuse to link to these organisations), which in effect refers to a systematic retrieval of ‘knowledge’ from people before you sack them. If words can be said to have an aura, ‘knowledge harvesting’ brings up the sense of cold, hard steel, every science fiction nightmare come to pass.

I want to have hope, I do. However, we might have to hold out until Pluto ingresses Aquarius (2023!), and keep maintaining a higher vibration in the meantime. As a wise tarot reader said to me not long ago — live in the crown chakra, not in the base one.

Images: Five of Pentacles, and The Star, Rider-Waite deck.


7 Responses to Out of complexity, brutality

  1. Diane L says:

    Profoundly disturbing article. Makes me wonder if we will start seeing revolutions in different places around the globe. Uranus moves into Aries for the duration next year and will square Pluto fives times. ***sigh***

  2. hitchhiker72 says:

    Feels very Plutonian, the grinding down of whole systems regardless of individuals. Much brutality on a micro-level too – petty dictators in workplaces on the rise, using the current job insecurity as a blunt instrument. I hate it.

  3. nray says:

    Good to see you writing again, Hitch. And, yes, these are unpleasant times.

  4. libramoon says:

    Lesson of The Great Depression

    The machines stand patiently
    ready to act on human command.
    Workers expectantly arise
    to resume their duties.
    Tools, systems, routes, logistics
    lined up for service.
    Plants to sow and reap; structures
    to build, maintain, repair, replace;
    commodities to be united with
    their markets; music to be played;
    enchanting murals to paint;
    shows that must go on; coffee
    to be made; errands to run;
    endless activities and professions
    imposing order on entropy.
    Teach the curious,
    heal the sick or broken,
    enforce the law,
    tend to the poor.
    Society’s capillaries clogged by
    a powerful voodoo. All is
    needing to be done, but stopped
    dead or cancerously
    receding from living
    for want of the magic beans,
    the mysterious force of money,
    a social construct gone mad,
    constricting the flow of life.

    (c) July 8, 2008 Laurie Corzett/libramoon

  5. juliedemboski says:

    “Knowledge harvesting”–isn’t that similar to the phrase that’s used on taking someone’s organs? Have seen the same dynamic at work in a different form on the internet, where it appears there are some who systematically ‘rape’ sites for info they can cannibalize (or sell!) I certainly hope we don’t have to wait for Pluto to enter Aquarius, though, for this to subside–in fact, considering we’re talking about information, I think with PL in AQ it might get much worse.

    Now that I’ve made happy thoughts, I’ll leave 😦

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