Share the joy

I was reading a story not too long ago in which one of the main characters learns that while close and intimate relationships may be forged from common pain, it was ultimately more fulfilling to nurture the ones that share a common joy.

The point of connection need not be profound, and may be as simple as a shared hobby — cooking, fishing, poetry, etc. — or something more complex and subtle, like a system of shared values. Whatever it is, gratitude for the smallest happiness plants a seed for a more promising future, rather than a lifetime substituting the intensity of pain for love.

My friend Neeti recently prompted me to think about progressions, so I had a look at my chart and discovered that my progressed moon is currently sitting right on the cardinal cross, which is in turn sitting right on several of my natal planets.

A time to get my emotional priorities right, methinks.

Image: Higher 2. Source: Stock.xchng.


2 Responses to Share the joy

  1. nray says:

    Hey, thank you for the mention!

    I think you’ll also enjoy learning, if haven’t already come across it, the lunation cycle. Check it out in both the natal and progressed chart.

    Good to have you back on the blog, Hitch.

  2. hitchhiker72 says:

    Thanks, Neeti. I’ll explore a bit more.

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