Cardinal summer

There seems to be quite a few of reports of people feeling stuck this summer, as the cardinal t-square tightens its grip. I have, however, been remarkably productive since Saturn’s final entry into Libra on 21 July, halfway through my 10th house, and off my natal Pluto in the last degree of Virgo. A welcome development from what has been quite a slog the past couple of years — Saturn in Virgo has been pretty dour.

In the past weeks, old projects, stagnant for years, are starting to be wrapped up, and new ones are starting to germinate. I’m tired, but at least it’s good tired.

It’s been a long time since I’ve felt this good about myself, and this optimistic about my place in the world, and partly because I’ve been getting, and learning to accept, more support from other people (Libra) than I’ve been used to.

I hope others are channelling the cardinal energy in productive ways, too. Happy summer, all.

More on Saturn in Libra here:

Image: Eight of Pentacles, Rider-Waite deck. Borrowed from: Learn Tarot.


3 Responses to Cardinal summer

  1. Kachina says:

    Thanks for the mention! Appreciated! 🙂

    Totally with you on the adios to Saturn in Virgo..and am feeling amazingly optimistic too. I think our tiredness is post-battle relief and I am sleeping so much more of late..even with Uranus backing up on my Moon again.

    Hope the rest of your summer brings some good times and the rejuvenation to get on with all of this relationship business we have straight ahead! xxx

  2. NR says:

    Happy summer, Hitch. xxx

  3. Rain says:

    It has been a productive time for me also and I had been wondering what it would bring based on other readings. I am a libra and not sure if that’s why. I am working harder on releasing some useless things in my life and have found my creativity level risen– hope that part lasts.

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