Eclipse in the first house: And the scabs fall off…

I like this picture of a replica of Donatello’s David (1430) (front view here) with the paint peeling off his butt like a scab. After the partial lunar eclipse in my first house (conj Jupiter opp Venus) this past weekend, it feels like the ones on my metaphorical behind are falling off too.

I can’t really explain what’s happened — nothing ‘big’ has occurred (so far). It is more like a sense that something’s shifted, and that while the movement was minimal the effects are multiplied. It’s a bit like that arcade game where you drop in coins one by one trying to move the coins in the moving drawer bit by bit. The process seems to take forever and then suddenly you drop in a coin at the right moment and a whole bunch (and maybe a prize or two) falls into the tray.

Occurring about a degree or so off an exact conjunction to my natal Jupiter (chart ruler) opposite my 7th house Venus, I would say that my value system seems to have been recalibrated — mainly the way I choose to value myself. In the past few days, I’ve received news from people but also in dreams — all delivered as relatively uneventful, i.e. sans drama — that have signalled closures to past, outmoded relationships. There is no regret, and no relief either. More like: Oh? That’s now done with? Okay.

At the same time, I can see the seeds of the future being planted. Projects are gaining momentum, support from others are more forthcoming. Not quite sure what the outcome will be yet. But something feels different, something has shifted on the ground, in the wind, in my psyche. Perhaps the coming solar eclipse (conj my 7th house Mars) may reveal some insights.

Image: Donatello’s David, Victoria and Albert Museum, London. Source: Wikimedia Commons.


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