Pluto in Capricorn at the movies

In 2009, I posted that Disney Pixar’s Up, an animated film featuring a septuagenarian as its key protagonist is unprecented. I surmised that this reflected the new age of Pluto in Capricorn, where our perceptions about age (Capricorn) are being transformed (Pluto). That the film is an animated feature aimed at children is also significant in that the sign of Capricorn, while representing age and wisdom, produces natives who are supposed to get younger as they grow older.

Up proved phenomenal success, earning nearly US$300 million in the US alone and $450 million in the rest of the world, hugely profitable given that the production budget was about $175 million (source: Box Office Mojo). Grumpy old Carl became a household face in weeks. Sure, there have been films about old people getting young, and Ron Howard’s 1985 Cocoon is one example, but the pensioners in Cocoon eventually had to leave on a spaceship to retain their youthfulness. Carl is old and youthful.

Since Up made dentures and zimmer frames ‘cool’, Toy Story 3, also by Disney Pixar, is leaping ahead with the baton. Two weeks after its release, it has reached $200 million at the US box office, and growing worldwide. Its themes? Old age and death … and being terrorised by toddlers!

Additionally, the most powerful people in the media industry today remain the Pluto-in-Leo generation baby boomers, ageing and ever determined to hang on to their youth (Steven Spielberg encapsulates the generation).

Astrology fascinates, as always.


One Response to Pluto in Capricorn at the movies

  1. Michelle says:

    I totally agree that our perceptions of old age are being transformed. I’ve been thinking exactly that as I watch the resurgence of people like Betty White.

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