Happiness is …

Mars stationing direct after a long retrograde (since last December) seems to be easing the energy constipation I have been experiencing around me in the past months; not to mention the number of men that seem to have been incapacitated in one way or another — I have lost male colleagues temporarily to illness, broken bones, sprained backs, and other leaves of absence!

Even the mood in my therapy group was much lighter this week compared with the intense self-scrutiny of the past weeks (you might say that that’s what a therapy group is for — yes, but the easing of tension today was quite noticeable). We talked about the things that made us happy, which we almost never do, les misérables that we usually are! 🙂

Everyone was asked to make a list of the things that made them happy. Much of what was shared was the usual — walks in the country, quality time with loved ones, listening to music, taking care of oneself, and so on. Someone shared that happiness wasn’t a ‘high’ necessarily, but a state of relaxation.

Triple Gemini that I am, I had to go with ‘all the above’, and I found my own answers coming out of my mouth without really having to think that hard about it. Happiness, for me, is experienced at different moments in different contexts. I can be very happy listening to the birds chirp in the morning, but on days when I’ve worked through the night and want to catch up on sleep, I find myself curbing the urge to hurl a pillow at them and yell, ‘Just shut up already!‘. Sometimes I can be happily miserable (or miserably happy?) when working hard on a project I really believe in and want to see succeed. At times, I’m happy to be alone, at other times, quite happy and grateful for the company of good friends.

Happiness, I found myself saying, isn’t found in ‘things’ or ‘events’ or even in ‘ourselves’. Happiness is … being in harmony with my environment.

Sometimes, I can really surprise myself.

Happy Mars direct, everyone.

Image: Front cover of an issue of Le Rire (1901, I think); Artist: Lucien Métivet (1863 – 1930). Source: Wikimedia Commons.


4 Responses to Happiness is …

  1. Diane L says:

    Wonderful! I love your notion that happiness is being in harmony with your environment. It sure works that way for me with all my Libra.

  2. Kelly Goldberg says:

    Mars going direct brought a new sense of I’m really OK and it lifted that sense of fear and unworthiness that has been with me most of my life. Like my recently departed mother, my sun/pluto leo husband has cycled through periods of verbal abuse and rages verging on the physical for 10 years. Having started last year, I am now a black belt candidate in martial arts classes with my three kids, four day a week. The practice of martial arts has helped me set boundaries, physically, emotionally for my soul. Since Mars went direct, I have lost my fear of standing up to my husband. I’ve lost my sense that it’s OK for him to mistreat us. For years I was paralysed by fear of annhilation first by my mother and then by my husband. My retrograde 7th house gGmini Mars square 10th house Pluto has always struggled with having permission to even breathe and take up space without fear of retribution. It was very intense during this last retrograde Mars, but has lifted.

    Mars also speaks to me of gratitude versus resentment and I am trying to have a sense of wonder and newness in the most ordinary of moments. I now use own judgment as opposed to relying on others (all those want to please 11/12 house Libra planets, sun, moon, mercury, venus and north node.) I too have noticed terrible health among the men related to my colleagues, from death, dementia, surgery gone awry, heart attacks. A dear childhood friend has survived cancer of the tongue and neck.

    Mars in Leo has made me want to be a living, visceral physical presence to my kids, whether in karate class, being with them at their musical performances or letting them know the values and ideals that are important to me. In martial arts, you are always at the beginning, doing the best you can at that moment. During belt testing everyone cheers you on, even when you stumble. There is a great esprit de corps, and no shaming or taunting. No matter how far you advance, you are directing your entire being into a specific movement, with as much mindfulness, energy and focus that you can muster. I thought that I was among the older students at 51, but a lady just joined our studio who is 71. She is my new inspiration.

    My Gemini Mars has come out of the closet and I have been writing a lot after a very dry spell.Writing comments in this blog is a first for me. Thanks for the chance to share.


  3. hitchhiker72 says:

    Hi Kelly, thank you for sharing. Hope the new moon reinforces your many new starts!

  4. Eme Kah says:

    Right on, Kelly!

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