Full moons: When ‘completion’ can mean many things!

I wanted a quiet 2010, but so far it’s been pretty turbulent. Not all bad, for sure, but turbulent. We’ve seen two major earthquakes within weeks, and without taking away any of the gravity of those events, I’m willing to bet that many people have been feeling quakes one way or another in their personal lives.

Since I’ve been tracking a few full moon experiences on this blog, I’m starting to find that something dramatic, and unexpected, nearly always happens. And every time, I am reminded that when people say full moons bring events and themes ‘to completion’, one never really know what form that’ll take until it happens.

Close to the previous Full Moon in Leo in late January (conjunct Mars), my Byronesque one, I was bringing to fruition a collaborative project with various partners. Our launch was planned for a date close to that Full Moon — and no, I didn’t pick the date for that reason, it was a group choice, and in that context, I don’t mention astrology. The evening before the launch, I get a call from our key guest speaker saying his flight had been cancelled and he would not be able to get into town on time. For various reasons I won’t go into detail here, I decided to fill in for him with an old presentation I gave to a different audience about a year ago. I hadn’t been scheduled to present that day at all. I had planned to be a behind-the-scenes organiser.

The result was the event went well and earned quite a few positive comments from participants, belying the tremendous amount of nervous energy, fuelled by adrenalin and anxiety, that had built up inside me. I was exhilarated and relieved at the same time, and often I wonder if life wouldn’t be easier if I didn’t continually step up to manage crises. That’s entirely rhetorical as many an astrologer who’s read my chart will tell you. With Uranus and Pluto in the 10th house, the more I try to hide, the more circumstances shove me to the fore, as it did that Full Moon in Leo (in my 9th). Of course, that Full Moon also coincided with Saturn-Pluto moving into an exact square, with transiting Saturn conjunct my Pluto in the 10th. Talk about pressure to exercise power, of the right kind.

I was looking forward to a kinder, gentler March. I like Virgo moons. Being a 6th house type (with a stellium in there), I tend to tidy up during Moon in Virgo phases — filing, accounts, alphabetising my DVD collection and such. I was doing just that a couple of days ago when the Moon was full in Virgo.

I tidied and prepared for a public talk I gave this evening, and for another event with an out-of-town guest speaker tomorrow. I was tired but felt satisfied that I was reasonably prepared. My talk went okay. After it was over, I find a missed call on my cell phone, which had come in while I was speaking. The call was from the guest speaker for tomorrow’s event. She was calling to cancel due to a crisis at home (I didn’t probe for details, but it sounded like she was having a Full Moon of her own). This event had been in the planning for more than a year. Funding sought, publicity organised, colleagues and students cajoled into attending. This time, there is no way I can step in. The only thing I can do is to offer apologies. A ‘completion’ of sorts, but not the one I’d anticipated! So the past few hours were spent frantically sending out cancellation emails and minimising whatever damage could be minimised. Is it a coincidence that the Full Moon in Virgo was square my Sun in the 6th, and less than 10 degrees from my MC? Does it make it any more ironic that this speaker was also present at the previous event when the other speaker cancelled?

Is it impossible to have a nice, quiet, uneventful, 6th-house-stellium-steady-does-it life?!! Must Pluto glowering and Uranus running amok in the 10th demand to be heard? You’d think my Moon in Capricorn would relish the public limelight, but this article from long ago made more sense to me than any other Moon in Capricorn reading ever did.

How to want to come up from the basement, without fearing exposure from the rooftops? Will it take another Full Moon to find out? Next one: 30 March, Full Moon in Libra — how to work with other people, smack in my 10th house, too. I feel tired already.

Image: Untitled (Two rabbits, pampas grass, and full moon), ca. 1849–51, colour woodcut by Hiroshige.


6 Responses to Full moons: When ‘completion’ can mean many things!

  1. jihyang says:

    I feel real affinity– as a Moon in Virgo, 5th/6th stellium person.
    Organized a open mic Thursday evening, planning to be behind-the-scenes in a virgoan fifth house way. Cajoled colleagues and students into attending. The MC cancelled at the last minute…and in the pauses which naturally can occur in between performances I recited my own poetry on- the- spot–
    rising the tides and bringing to fullness, my own creative potentiality…

    thank you for sharing your story.

  2. Diane L says:

    Wow! You have my sympathies. Having to deal with major unexpected scheduling conflicts is very, very, VERY tough.

    Did you note how much time Uranus spent conjoined your Vertex last summer too?

    Love Eric Francis on the Moon in Capricorn. My younger step-daughter also has Sun in Gemini & Moon in Capricorn but she also has Pluto exactly conjunct her ASC. She sure displays many of the characteristics he talks about. Her husband is pleasant, smart and does pretty much whatever she wants . . . 🙂

    Lovely to see you posting again. You write so well!


  3. nray says:

    Ha! Was just thinking about you this evening! Glad to see you posting again.

    Bet you rocked as a speaker!

  4. hitchhiker72 says:

    Hi Diane,

    Wow! You have my sympathies. Having to deal with major unexpected scheduling conflicts is very, very, VERY tough.

    Thanks – I haven’t decided whether having a 6th house signature helps or increases the anxiety! 🙂

    Did you note how much time Uranus spent conjoined your Vertex last summer too?

    I have no idea where or what my Vertex is!?

    Pluto conjunct Asc – POWERFUL!

  5. hitchhiker72 says:

    Hey Neeti, thank you!

    Not sure about rocking, but I now realise it never goes as badly as I think it might.

    And even, if it does, it’s not like the world is going to end…

  6. hitchhiker72 says:

    Hi jihyang

    Thanks for stopping by and sharing your story too! What is it about Virgo and being behind the scenes?!

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