Lunar eclipse conjunct Mars: Curtain call

One of the benefits of writing a blog is being able to go back and look at what you’ve written. I have been trying to put the New Year’s Eve lunar eclipse, which was conjunct my Mars, into words and I forgot that one of the eclipses in the summer of 2009 was also a few degrees away opposite my Mars. I wrote then that it felt like a lot of little lights were going out in my life.* This time around, with all the other stuff going on (Mercury and Mars retrogrades and so on), it doesn’t feel so much like lights going out, more like curtains being drawn. And the set for the next scene isn’t up yet.

The winter travel chaos in the UK have seen me hiding out at home for the past week since I got back from being away most of December. I spent New Year’s Eve alone at home (already spent Christmas with the family) — what better way to herald a Cancer eclipse? In fact, I slept through the countdown. And then as the first week of 2010 wore on, I realised that I was sleeping … and sleeping … and when I wasn’t eating or washing … I was sleeping.

I don’t generally have trouble sleeping and I do enjoy the odd lie in, but this wanting to go back to bed every two hours or so and then staying in there for more than 12 the first few nights, is totally uncharacteristic for this 6th house Gemini Sun used to be out and about doing things. Don’t get me wrong, the sleep’s been wonderful. I haven’t had the luxury in a very long time.

Yet I can’t help wondering: Is it the cold, the darkness, Mercury retrograde (always an energy drainer for me), Mars retrograde, jet lag, denial at the mountain of tasks that faced me? The answer is likely to be ‘all of the above’. Yet, I also feel something different in the air and wasn’t even quite aware of how I felt until I read Kachina’s experience. She’s captured a sense of how I feel — the sense of feeling not quite something, but not quite nothing either. I have work to do and don’t feel like doing it. And (very rare for me) not feeling guilty about it. I feel too restless to meditate, and at times like this, I don’t force it. I dip in to my recent issue of The Mountain Astrologer but can’t quite focus. I have a pile of unread novels that seem destined to remain unread for a while longer. What am I doing with these snow-bound days? As I said, I’ve been sleeping. And surfing. But sleeping, mostly.

All that sleep has produced many interesting dreams, which I think is the work my psyche is doing. I run through periods of keeping dream diaries but never really sustain them. (Incidentally, I submitted a dream to dreamorpheus recently and she gave a very lucid interpretation which I really appreciated.) Occasionally, a dream sparks a thought, an idea, an epiphany that surfaces from my consciousness, and as soon as I wake up I try to grasp it, but I know that I usually integrate it better when I go back to sleep.

So maybe that’s what my psyche is doing in the wake of this lunar eclipse — clearing the decks. Stephanie Austin writes this in The Mountain Astrologer #148 (one of the articles I did dip into!) regarding this Cancer Lunar Eclipse:

This eclipse, which forms at the end of 2009, heralds the dawn of a new era. Use it to clarify your goals. What is your real job on planet Earth? Where do you need to reclaim your power? Take inventory of what you learned this year and what you would like to do in 2010. (112)

In other words, prepare the set for the scene to come. I suspect the curtains will open (for me anyway) at the solar eclipse on 14/15 January in Capricorn. It’s going to conjunct my North Node and Moon (the flip of the summer solar eclipse in Cancer). Should be fun. Until then, I think I shall go back to bed and enjoy my sleep…

Update, 6 January 2010: Just came across a few articles on the benefits of sleep on The Huffington Post. Synchronicity? LOL:

*I made a mistake in the title of that post. I wrote that the Capricorn lunar eclipse in July was conjunct my Mars, but I just realised that it was the Sun then that conjuncted my Mars, and the Moon was opposite. I should’ve referred to the position of the Moon instead, I think. Anyhow, I shall leave it there as a historical record.

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8 Responses to Lunar eclipse conjunct Mars: Curtain call

  1. william says:

    you must be pretty important then from the sound of it

  2. in2themystic says:

    I have been feeling some wonderfully light energy surges coming in the past 2 days..pre-solar-eclipse arriving now, or possibly I have just let go of a whole lot that needed to go..either is fabulously fine!

    Enjoy your rest, looking forward to seeing your re-emergence when the curtains part. ~k

  3. hitchhiker72 says:

    Actually, so did I this morning when I woke up! Maybe writing the blog did the trick. There’s a bit of sunshine today. I’m going to venture out…

  4. nray says:

    The Capricorn eclipse will oppose my Saturn. My Saturn which is part of a T-Square. Oh, boy!

  5. Diane L says:

    Since I too have been sleeping more and longer than usual lately, it’s good to know others are having similar experiences.

    The Mars Rx by itself slowed me down (Mars rules my ASC) but it was Mercury joining him, that was the icing on the cake so to speak. Your description of having difficulty focusing is the same for me.

    We’ll see if the upcoming New Moon/Mercury direct will kick our minds back in gear! That combined with a noticeable increase in day length here in the North is sure to help. 🙂

  6. hitchhiker72 says:

    Hi Diane, glad to know I’m not the only one experiencing this unusual sleep phase! I wonder what’ll happen when Saturn goes retrograde next week? Yes, let’s see what happens at the next New Moon. Thanks.

  7. afnaar says:

    This is a wonderful site! Thank you all for sharing. Astrology truly can explain occurrences otherwise unexplained by Numerology, which is my area. yes sleepytime was definitely happening for me, too, during that time; I blamed it on the short days!

  8. Diane L says:

    Hi, HH72! Guess what?! I choose your blog for a Kreativ Blogging award. It’s completely up to you whether or not you wish to participate. 🙂

    See my new website for the particulars: Libra Seeking Balance

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