2009 — through the looking-glass

What is there left to say about 2009 I haven’t already done? (See archive on sidebar!) 2008 ended with a measure of optimism, 2009 is ending with a measure of relief. tPluto square nPluto, tPluto opposite nVenus, tSaturn conjunct nPluto, Jupiter, my chart ruler playing hide-and-seek all year with Chiron and Neptune as part of Lucy’s Clusterfuck of Doom, and so on and so forth, haven’t by any means been fun, but they have been ultimately revealing.

The bumpiest ride since my Saturn return — just over one seven-year Saturn cycle since then — has undoubtedly been uncomfortable, but I think it’s also done the job of shaking loose more bits of old baggage. None of those cycles are yet complete but I look forward to entering 2010 lighter and leaner (meaner, too?). Looking ahead to the fact that nearly all the eclipses in the coming year make contact with a personal planet or node in my natal chart, I suspect that 2009 was merely the preamble to further changes in 2010.

What I am truly grateful for in 2009 is the host of new friends I’ve made both in the real and cyber-worlds, including those I’ve met in the astro-blogging and Twitter communities. I’d mention you all by name but for fear of leaving out anyone accidentally — you know who you are! Thank you for reading and commenting and sticking around even when you don’t really know who I am. Though it could also be said that you know much more than many people around me. The ability to live the truth of two separate but connected lives seems like a perfect fit for a Gemini, no?

Here’s to a saner year in 2010, everyone. My intention for the year is to have higher standards.

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Image: John Tenniel’s original drawing of Alice going through the looking-glass in Lewis Carroll’s Through the Looking Glass and What Alice Found There (1871)


2 Responses to 2009 — through the looking-glass

  1. nray says:

    I hope to emulate this, “My intention for the year is to have higher standards.”

    My major intention though is to be honest and authentic. Got to put those natal Neptune squares in their place 🙂

    Thank you for being a friend, for writing, for sharing. For enriching our lives. We love you.

  2. hitchhiker72 says:

    ‘My major intention though is to be honest and authentic. Got to put those natal Neptune squares in their place.’

    My natal Neptune oppositions agree! 😀 Happy new year, Neeti.

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