New Moon in my 1st house: Introducing Saturn (and Pluto) Girl

Mystic Medusa has been referring to Saturn Girl, a comic book character from the 1950s that was revived in the 1990s, as an archetype to model ourselves against as we learn the lessons of Saturn’s transit through Libra in the next two and the half years. I’m borrowing that reference today to address some new moon revelations.

The recent New Moon in Sagittarius occurred in my 1st house of self (see astrogrrl’s ‘The New Moon in Houses’), followed shortly by transiting Venus across my Ascendant squaring Uranus in Pisces in near my IC. The news I encountered was unexpected but it helped crystallise something.

I wrote last year about a re-encounter with an ex-boyfriend from a relationship that ended in 2002. I wrote that he had tried to re-kindle a cyber-sexual relationship which I’d played along with for a time but put a stop to when I failed to establish and communicate proper boundaries (this will have to be my Saturn in Libra lesson for the next two years). That hasn’t stopped him from trying every few months or so — each time I’ve ignored the messages, always fearful of my capacity for angry words, always believing (naively) that because I keep my space open, people ‘ought to’ respect it.

Well, yesterday, I found out from a mutual friend that Mr Ex had in fact re-married two to three years ago. So what the sick f*** was he doing angling after me these past two to three years? The last email message from him (‘Hi, what are your holiday plans? I still think about you…’ and so on) in fact came in a day before I heard the news. I had planned to ignore the email, as I have been doing in the past, but I did some thinking today, and sought some advice, and decided that ignoring these leeches was what was giving them the space to crap on. Spurred on by the recent assertions of several astro-blogging friends, including Neeti Ray, and Donna Cunningham, I realised that silence was no longer an option.

I decided to speak, and did, but not in anger, as I would’ve been wont to do when I was much younger (and less wise…). Angry words weren’t going to help, because anger denoted engagement, and anger was going to be too easily typified as the lunatic rantings of a madwoman. At any rate, I am unable to speak the anger I no longer feel. What I did feel was cold, even numb, so I channelled that feeling into a business-like, even bland, note (Mercury is preparing for a retrograde in Capricorn now) acknowledging the news I’d heard and simple congratulations. Nothing more needed to be said.

I wanted not to engage, but to deflect and detach. I no longer wished to be ‘right’ and win the moral high ground, I just want to be left the energy and space for more worthwhile pursuits. Another prod came by way of Elsa P.’s post on the Venus-Pluto conjunction in Capricorn that will take place shortly after Christmas:

Invest in and protect your valuable relationships and for Godsakes quit throwing money (energy of all kinds) into people and things who siphon resources and offer no return.

That is my plan beginning with this new moon which in my 1st house represents the start of my cosmic new year, with the help of the upcoming Mars retrograde in my 8th house of other people’s resources. Pluto is transiting my 1st house too, with Saturn transiting the 10th. It is time to own my power (Pluto) and yet channel it responsibly (Saturn). So, for the record, as of today, I am sticking up a sign on my psychic porch saying:

Sick fucks, KEEP OUT.

Friends and well-wishers are, of course, most welcome.

Image: Saturn Girl, 2005 incarnation.


8 Responses to New Moon in my 1st house: Introducing Saturn (and Pluto) Girl

  1. lucywatchthesky says:

    Print more of those signs so that I can have one too.

    I personally think having transiting Saturn-Pluto in angular houses like you do will give you so much energy. You won’t just establish better boundaries- people will RESPECT those boundaries. For serious.

    (I’m so glad you’re back!!!!)

  2. neithonastrology says:

    Oh YES!! Excellent tactic – the less energy behind the message the better. I learned that dealing with ridding myself of a Scorpio leech over the course of many years.

    Wasn’t it dear Donna C who had a post on the pitfalls of “being right?” Now that Pluto is out of Sagittarius, maybe we’ll all be so busy staying afloat we won’t have time to indulge in being right.

    Yes, I second Lucy’s motion! So glad to have you back posting again. 🙂

  3. libramoon says:

    Nice to find you here tellling me about our Sag. rising New Moon. Actually this New Moon was ON my Asc.

  4. hitchhiker72 says:

    Thanks, all. Oh good grief, I should’ve known that wasn’t the end of that. Follow up post coming up. The whole thing may still blow up in my face at the lunar eclipse in Cancer conjunct my natal Mars at the end of the year, but hey I don’t care! Time to clear the debris.

  5. nray says:

    Sometimes, you just gotta blow it sky high. Yeehaw!

  6. Diane Scholten says:

    Wow! This is SO spot on for me. Saturn and Pluto are hitting my moon (Saturn conjunct, Pluto square) and transiting angles (well, now Saturn is prolly in my 5th as my moon is at the very tail end of the 4th). I was just promising myself yesterday that as the Who used to say “We don’t get fooled again.” — I have to stop wasting time and energy of people who aren’t reciprocal. Thanks so much for your post and I’ll read Elsa’s as well.


  7. hitchhiker72 says:

    Hi Diane, thanks. I think many of us need to keep reminding ourselves of this. Just discovered an interesting blog post called ‘Who’s Garbage is in Your Bag and Why are You Still Carrying It?’

    It is a very useful reminder!!

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