Full Moon on my Sun: Birthing pangs, or won’t things just get a move on already?!

The general rule of thumb in astrology regarding new and full moons is to start things on a new moon, and watch for things to come to fruition at the full moon (not necessarily within the same cycle).

This last full moon in 10+ Gemini on 1-2 December was conjunct my Sun-Saturn in the 6th house (of work and service). The days of 1-2 December felt like a long (and very pregnant) pause, and having heard reports on various fronts of people being affected by this full moon, I wondered if maybe this was going to pass me by somehow. If the release didn’t come then, it certainly came a few days later (full moon effects sometimes take up to 4 days to manifest, I think).

At first, the release felt like the slow deflation of air being let out of a balloon. The events themselves are fairly inconsequential but yet the effects are quite personal so I don’t really know how to describe them. It’s little things like people from my past dropping off like dead scabs, or dreams (obsidian ones) from which I awaken puzzled yet feel like something has lifted.

Then, come Friday, and the air rushes out with a whoosh! I am due to travel (through Mercury retrograde again!) on Sunday, and communications (contracts, collaborations and such) that I have been waiting for over the past quarter all arrive this morning, all needing to be dealt with before the end of the working day. Unbelievable. When a Full Moon in your 6th house brings you work, it brings you work; and this is not ‘new’ work, but ‘old’ work that needs taking care of. Considering I have had an issue with health (also a 6th house concern) at the start of this quarter, much of this work comes on top of work I am already trying to catch up on from the time that I lost.

And yet, the projects that this work is geared towards are still in the early stages of birthing. In other words, a tremendous amount of exertion is being made just to get off the starting block. Will I have any energy left halfway through the course much less the finishing line? I’m counting on momentum and a healthy dose of Sagittarian can-do-ness — go, Jupiter, past Chiron and Neptune for the next gazillion years! I think my chart ruler has spent the past year wandering around lost in the fog (Neptune) and periodically stubbing its toe (Chiron).

What I have learnt over the year, however, and with specific work situations this Full Moon has illuminated this past week or so, is to learn to manage work relationships (the ruler of my 6th residing in my 7th). Sun-Saturn in the 6th often wants to hunker down and ‘just do the work’ and ignore everyone else, but I’m starting to realise that in many cases, it is working with people that constitutes the real work, if you know what I mean.

The astro-blogosphere has been active and prolific on the recent Full Moon in Gemini (with Mercury in Sag too):

  • April Elliot Kent on Big Sky Astrology: ‘ The Full Moon in Gemini reminds us, simply, that listening – bearing witness to another’s reality – is a sacred thing and a loving act.’
  • Eric Francis on Planet Waves: ‘There is a lot about seeing and believing; visual proof; the fraud of seeing; seeing what you believe; this kind of thing. Not everything is as it appears visually, and some things will require you specifically to take a look. Given that we’re talking about the Moon, that would be — looking within.’
  • Julie Demboski: ‘the pioneer spirit is one that knows there are no guarantees–we’d do well to adopt a sense of willingness to explore, barring any contraindications occurring in the natal chart by transit or Solar Arc right now’
  • Kirsti Melto, quoting Marc Edmund Jones: ‘This is a symbol of the enlarged understanding which comes from a personal and immediate participation in the affairs of an everyday world, and of the continuing rewards which result from trying one and another way of doing things.’
  • Matthew Currie on Sasstrology
  • Neith on Real Astrologers: ‘We are drawn to seek new experiences and the excitement of going off the beaten track.’
  • Pat on Real Astrologers: ‘The handwriting on the wall is getting bigger and harder to ignore or explain away.’
  • Robert Wilkinson of Aquarius Papers: ‘So this Full Moon will demonstrate the light of our instinctive wisdom through experimenting in new modes of self expression. … Here we solidify a Wisdom-form by what we care about and how we demonstrate it. We can see the light of our group, which will bring forth forms of what we’ve cultivated. ‘
  • Tom Jacobs on Evolutionary Astrology: ‘the nutshell version of this is that where we question whom to trust for answers to our questions, the process of doubting can lead us to deeper trust of our own intuition and inner knowing if we surrender to who we know we truly are’

Okay, that was fun (thanks Neeti and Lucy for the prodding!). Back to work now.

P.S. I hate reading contracts — Sun-Saturn-Mercury in the 6th or no, I’m still a Gemini, dammit, and I want to be able to skim!

Image: Dunnock egg. Source: Wikimedia Commons.


3 Responses to Full Moon on my Sun: Birthing pangs, or won’t things just get a move on already?!

  1. nray says:

    Oh, yeah, this full Moon was something else all right. Jupe is a few minutes away from Chrion as I write this. And then he’ll head for a conjunction with Nep. What a month, eh?

  2. hitchhiker72 says:

    Hey Neeti, it has been quite a month indeed, but I’ve been away for most of it, so I’m taken out of my routine anyway.

    I’m looking forward to the New Moon in Sag in my 1st house. Have a good one.

  3. nray says:

    Glad you’re back, you were missed. And, yes, the New Moon is on my mind right now.

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