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The internet has really done a lot for astrology in the past decade. Apart from amazing blogs (some listed on the sidebar), there are also some really good podcasts I thought I’d draw your attention to. I find it useful to be able to listen to them while cleaning windows, or ironing, or doing some other mundane chore. Some offer short snippets of info into current transits, while others do a full length radio programme, complete with guest interviews and live callers. I enjoy some of the live readings as they really bring astrology to life as a tool for everyday living.

In alphabetical order:

  • Anchored in Astrology by Debra Clement — about an hour of in-depth analyses with guest interviews, and live calls
  • Astrological Musings by Lynn Hayes of the very popular blog of the same name — broadcast every Sunday; talk show format
  • Evolutions of Astrology by Dena DeCastro — irregular broadcast, astrological analysis and guest interviews
  • The Metaphysical Corner by Ellen Zucker — about 15 minutes of astrology plus tarot
  • Northern Lightworker by Duncan Metzger — not strictly astrology; Metzer is an intuitive empath and his show covers a range of metaphysical topics including interviews with astrologers (Debra Clement and the popular Matthew Currie have appeared on the show)
  • Planet Pulse Podcast by that irrepressible duo from the influential, Jeff Jawer and Rick Levine — daily podcast of the astrological weather of the day, only about a couple of minutes or so
  • Planet Waves Radio by Eric Francis of Planet Waves — seems to be on hiatus at the moment; at least an hour and a half of caller-led conversations
  • Psychic Astrology Monthly by Australian astrologer Jessica Adams — about 6 to 8 minutes or so of the astrological weather for the month ahead
  • This Astrological Life by April Elliot Kent of Big Sky Astrology — 6 to 8 minutes of the astrological weather of the day, with the author often sharing personal stories and experiences
  • Unraveling Karma by Tom Jacobs — this evolutionary astrologer responds to two readers’ queries which are sent ahead of the programme; irregular, as-and-when, broadcast
  • You’re Not Crazy, It’s Planetary by Heather Burdette — every Monday with a head’s up for the week delivered in an accessible, informal style; she doesn’t seem to have a webpage, but from her Twitter page you can get the link to the iTunes store and to her Facebook page

Enjoy! If you have any other recommendations, feel free to mention it in the comment stream.

Image: A still from Radio Days (Woody Allen, USA 1987)


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  1. Traditional Astrology Radio is pretty good as well:

  2. hitchhiker72 says:

    Hi Chris, thanks for this. I shall check it out!

  3. horoscop says:

    Yes I agree with you! In this case the horoscope is exactly as you said, I can’t understand why other people consider it differently. Anyway It doesn’t matter and I wish succes with your blog!

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