Saturn transiting the 10th house: Meet the parents

I wondered what the New Moon in Scorpio (in my 12th house) would throw up from my unconscious (Neith shares an amazingly frank experience on her blog). With Saturn in my 10th, Uranus in my 4th and Pluto in my 1st, I have been busy looking out for career, home and self issues, but forgot (or repressed) the fact that the 4th and 10th houses also deal with the influence of one’s parents (see this very interesting chart).

I have been reluctant to talk about ‘the parents’ in therapy, having always addressed my issues as an autonomous agent. I may have to face ‘the parents’, at least the ones residing in my psyche, after all. Bleah.

I don’t want to go into any detail here — mainly because recounting it will just make me more annoyed — but I don’t know at what point it will be possible to reclaim my life without having to account to them, and the worst of their fears and projections. Of course, my own projections are at work too — they are who they are, but how their effect on me has been internalised is what I shall have to take responsibility for.

I think my mantra for Saturn transiting the 10th house (and Uranus transiting the 4th) may have to be:

I am not responsible for your paranoia.

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5 Responses to Saturn transiting the 10th house: Meet the parents

  1. neithonastrology says:

    Yes, parents . . . becoming one’s own parent is a process.

    I can see why this one haunts you but feel you will make good progress on this front as Saturn moves through Libra.

    I am not responsible for your paranoia.

    Reading this I burst out laughing because of my own parental voices in my head. (Saturn-Sun square natally) A very good mantra . . . 🙂

  2. Adam says:

    can you post your chart hitchhiker? I also have transiting saturn in the 10th and transiting uranus in the 4th and transiting pluto in the 1st!

  3. Adam says:

    I also have transiting saturn in the 10th, transiting Uranus in the 4th and transiting Pluto in the 1st.

    Last September, Saturn was conjuncting natal Uranus & Pluto & the midheaven while Uranus was at the IC. I had reluctantly moved to Sacramento to finish a MA in Spanish but was forced to quit because of intense psychological tension. My mother called it a spiritual crises. It was a feeling of intense dread that Id never find another teaching job although my chart and resume are both strong. The interviews I had in the fall were horrendous – I barely recognized myself (Saturn was also squaring natal sun). Anyway, I found myself drawn toward Eckhart Tolles’books, yoga and meditation which was not something new but definetly something I was not practising much.

    In my heart of hearts, my dream was to return to Santa Barbara, job or no job and luckily my wife scored her first professional job so Im pretty happy, although I realize now that “this, too, shall pass.” Im trying to deepen my relationship with Being and lesson identification with form. A lot of suffering arose after reading Hand’s interpretaion of Saturn in the 10th: rewards, promotions, etc. and when that did not happen, my ego jumped into overdrive… “see what happenned? something’s wrong with you!” I hope I can stay in this path.

    Nothing with parents has come up yet, but I suppose it will – Uranus has just entered the 4th. thanks for posting hitchhiker.

  4. hitchhiker72 says:

    Hi Adam, generally, Saturn’s rewards come through after it leaves a sign/house, not during. The period during the transit always feels like a hard slog, but if you put in the requisite work, the rewards will come, though perhaps not in ways you might expect. Saturnian rewards are the result of the work you put in yourself, but because the slog is so long and sustained, you can actually evolve to the point where you struggle to recall what life felt like before you embarked on the Saturnian journey.

    The sudden windfalls are more Jupiter’s domain, but in my experience, and strong exposure to Saturn, Jupiterian windfalls can be overrated (like being offered a free meal, and finding you’ve put on weight as a result).

    So give Saturn a chance yet. Good luck and thank you for sharing.

  5. christina says:

    i also have saturn transits my MC Virgo opposing uranus in IC Pisces and i lost my job (i did not like it) but i could not find another one (it has been a year since then).
    what is happening? i started feeling terrified..

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