Poll: Saturn-Pluto square — clash of the titans?

I seem only good for posting polls these days. The last time these two titans made contact was in 2001 (a momentous year everyone remembers), and Saturn opposed Pluto. At the time, Pluto also opposed my natal Sun-Saturn on my Saturn return (which I’ve mentioned here and here).

This time, on 15 November, Saturn is squaring Pluto, while the former is riding over my natal Pluto and the latter opposite my natal Venus. Oh joy.

Here’s what the astro-blogosphere is saying (will update through the week as they appear):

Sounds perverse, exhausted as I am, but at this point, I’m willing to say I welcome any change that will break the stalemate that has been my life for the past few months. Let’s hope I’m not speaking too soon.

Video: Trailer from Clash of the Titans (1981). I thought I’d pay homage to the 1981 cheesy (but entertaining) classic, since it is being remade for 2010.


5 Responses to Poll: Saturn-Pluto square — clash of the titans?

  1. I really liked what you called this–the clash of the Titans. As planets go, these are the biggies, and they call on us to be grownups now.

  2. lucywatchthesky says:

    Wow, “demolition of old structures” has 100% of your votes! That could mean that either a) everyone is being extremely mature about this, or b) like three people have voted.

    For my own part, I found Donna’s preparedness guide extremely enlightening- I’ve got some great ideas for big plans this year!

  3. hitchhiker72 says:

    Thanks, Donna. I’d like to think I’ve been ‘training’ sufficiently for this moment…

    LOL, Lucy. You were probably right at the time you logged in (i.e. that there were only 3 votes :P). At least there’s some variation now. Congratulations on the big plans! And don’t forget to share any good news!

  4. Michelle says:

    I love that movie. I expect to be forced to grow up.

  5. atlantis says:

    I’ve got Pluto in 1 house square Saturn nataly. I ‘m going to be clashing with some titans of my own… I guess

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