Astrology of 1948?

I recently read this article in the UK newspaper, The Guardian, that the cohort born in 1948, in England at least, may be the ‘luckiest’ ever:

Free healthcare, free schooling, free love – and now early retirement free from the financial woes that plague the rest of us. Could there be a luckier year to have been born than 1948?

As pensions fall off a cliff, the smug 61-year-old is planning the next safari or cruise. Nourished and nurtured by a “cradle-to-grave” welfare state and protected by final salary, the holy grail of pension schemes, the 1948ers would appear to have had it all.

I wondered about the astrology of 1948, and if anyone has any theories?

Image from Rosie the Riveter: Morris County Women During World War II


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  1. lucywatchthesky says:

    Did you get a load of the woman who bitched out Elsa personally for not being an old dinosaur because AstroDispatch featured an article talking about how baby boomers immediately become defensive about getting ready to die?

    Privilege a-go-go!

  2. hitchhiker72 says:

    I hadn’t, and just did when you pointed it out. Poor Elsa does get it quite a bit from the self-righteously indignant who insist on reading her stuff anyway. Does the poster not realise that Astrodispatch is an aggregate site?!?! I looked at the original blog post and it has no comments…

  3. Keabird14 says:

    The outer planets were all in fairly harmonious relationships compared to all the rubbish that started in the ’60’s.
    Similarly most early ’50’s born people I know are quite comfortable.
    I’m a 60’s product and me and my generation have had much bumpier lives to all my older siblings an friends.
    Love your blog, I am another Mars in Cap ( Moon, Merc & Venus , god forbid) , so love your outlook on life.

  4. Diane Scholten says:

    Hey there –

    Been reading your blog for awhile, and as someone born in 1949 – February, so pretty close to the “lucky” 1948, I just had to chime in here. I think each generation has differing “luck” and differing “sorrows”. My generation shot itself in the foot with drugs, which decimated our ranks somewhat, and we also had Vietnam to contend with.

    Financially, I think overall we’ve done well, but any of us who had hoped to retire early and hadn’t yet done so got set back last fall – I now picture myself working til I”m closer to 70 than 65.

    I like that line in the Mike & the Mechanics song “every generation blames the one that’s gone before” and I know our flamboyant Pluto in Leo selves make Boomers a pretty easy target for the next generations. But I don’t think it’s been that simple really – we’ve royally screwed, done some great things, had some lucky breaks, had some tragedy (losing Bobby Kennedy and MLK back to back – not something you just bounce back from). But everyone does.

    I personally see my parents generation as heroic – I felt Tom Brokaw called it right calling them The Greatest Generation. But they had their foibles too.

    Some times ARE bigger than others and I think the time of my youth was one such. This is another. My teacher Jean Houston usedf to say “This is the time. We are the people.” It is an interesting time in which to be alive.

    Thanks for your writing and this interesting blog. Like you, I’ve got a “whole lotta shaking goin’ on” astrologically now – transiting Pluto square my natal moon at 0 Libra while Saturn conjuncts it; transiting Uranus squaring my ASC & natal Uranus, and Jupiter/Neptune/Chiron on my sun.

    Tell me again the part about how easy my life is now?



  5. Diane Scholten says:

    Ha! I love it when I make a public ass of myself – that’s sposed to be “we’ve royally screwed up” not “we’ve royally screwed” but perhaps, given the days of sex, drugs and rock and roll the latter is true as well!

  6. Candela says:

    “I’m a 60’s product and me and my generation have had much bumpier lives to all my older siblings an friends.”

    An interesting point. I just realized up here people born in the late 60’s would have been the ones whose career prospects got crushed or at least delayed by the early 90’s Nordic banking crises. Some ended up blaiming the baby boomers (which wasn’t even true, because most people making the big decisions were of the previous generation) calling them “The Creedy Generation”.

  7. nray says:

    Hitch, Diane, thank you for a peep through time. Great way to learn history.

    And I’m borrowing this for my Facebook status:

    “This is the time. We are the people.” – Jean Houston

    God bless!

  8. hitchhiker72 says:

    Thanks, everyone, for some really interesting insights and comments.

    I guess this is where geography makes a difference too, though also to a limited extent. The article highlights the British experience of a welfare state of a specific generation, but of course the experience is not uniform across the classes. And the postwar generation also had to suffer years of rationing.

    At the same time, I reckon someone born in rural India or Inner Mongolia in the same year will manifest their chart differently!

  9. Maria says:

    Please forgive my being so presumptuous, but………..I have been trying to find out what planets were retrograde at the time of my birth: November 1, 1948 in Bar Harbor, Maine USA at 18:07 (6:07 p.m.). Any ideas? Thanks for your time and consideration. Sincerely, Maria Rodriguez-Casey at email

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