Energy vampires

I once blogged about ‘emotional vampires’, but have recently come across the term, ‘energy vampire’, which is a different variation. They are sometimes also known as ‘psychic vampires’. Energy vamps as the term suggests siphon your energy.

Elvira, Mistress of the Dark

Elvira, Mistress of the Dark

The fiasco at work I blogged about exhausted me so much I took half the day off and stayed in bed past noon. Then I received an email from one of my bosses who made the mess with the report which I had to fix, saying that she is glad we ‘care so much’ and is now ‘reinvigorated’, without admitting a single fault.

As I read it, the hairs on the back of my neck stood up and signalled: ENERGY VAMPIRE! I should have picked it up earlier. She drains everyone around her, and then gets the energy to carry on screwing up so she can drain us some more!

The only way to free yourself from an energy vamp is to keep away from them. Tough when they are your boss or co-worker, but I’ll have to work out some kind of strategy. Meanwhile here are a few resources about energy vamps.

A Bach flower essence that may help is Walnut, which protects against unwanted influences, and perhaps Sweet Chestnut if the drain has been severe! Sweet Chestnut is for the sense that there is no way out…

A crystal option is possibly hematite, which ‘boosts self esteem and survivability, enhances willpower and reliability, and imparts confidence’ (Judy Hall, The Crystal Bible)


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  1. juliedemboski says:

    Thanks so much for this. I’d not been feeling right (I talked a little about my irritability in the latest post) but blamed myself–forgetting that this is what happens when we’ve got some vamps around. The drain sneaks up on me–and having grown up with a close relative who practices this, it tends to get by me because it feels oddly familiar–though I’ve put a lot of distance between myself and that relative for years now. Usually my husband wakes me up to it–but I think this time around he might be suffering the same thing–

    Much gratitude,

  2. hitchhiker72 says:

    Hi jd, I wonder if there isn’t a strong Neptune signature to this kind of draining? Perhaps not, I’ve not looked at any charts.


  3. Kachina says:

    Hi Hitchhiker!

    I was excited to see your approach of this subject, it is not often that I see many writing in this area.

    Energy working is one of my stronger “talents’, fostered from the continuous interactive experiences with others in my life. I believe part of the way this shows is my chart is:(6th Mars conj. Desc, Mars sq. Pluto 4th, Mars opp. Moon 1st).

    Some things that I have learned, which may be helpful for another experiencing energy vamps: The simplest way to alleviate oneself of an energy vamp is not to engage them in any way, their drama’s(same in many ways as with emotional vamps) and this includes withdrawing any latent thoughts we may have of this person when we are not in a situation where we must deal with them(often easier said then done! :), and to keep oneself ‘clear’ when within a shared space. Clear just meaning a visualization of seeing oneself as transparent, therefore not offering any ‘juicy’ vibrations/energies that may be considered desirable to the energy vamp. If projection is employed by an energy vamp to unload their lower energies upon another, simply throwing up a visual mirror will often help, or the technique of encasing oneself in a canister of mirrors if the vamp in question is especially good at what they do.

    That being shared, I do feel though that we all vamp at one time or another, until we become aware of our own Source energies being more than abundant and our only needed resource for sustenance. Sadly, many though are not ready/willing for that level of understanding and sometimes we must employ techniques in a non-projected manner to co-exist, especially if you are an ultra-sensitive.

    Too, I feel that for any technique to be efficient, we must know, that we are self-sovereign and in full control of our experiences.

    Thanks for allowing me to share!
    Bright Blessings!

  4. Funkstar says:

    We expect to be drained by our kids, but when adults purposely do it to us either consciously or subconsciously someting has to be done about it. Removing yourself from the situations, or using techniques like Kachina mentioned are usually the best option.

    Sometimes though, I’ve taken a more active approach and viewed the vamp as a threat in a military sense, a danger to myself and my family. “Psychic warfare”. If you can’t remove yourself from the environment, and psychic self defence is not getting results, then the only remaining option mught be to give them some of their own medicine.

    No bad karma for you if you’re coming from a good place and looking out for yourself. It is not a bad thing to want to keep your good energy to give to your loved ones, instead of have undesirables take it from you.

    * your mind is your best weapon
    * reject negative thoughts – never doubt yourself
    * always give 100 per cent
    * never complain
    * stay calm and be flexible
    * don’t cheat or take shortcuts
    * pay attention to detail
    * never give up

    These are the key points from the Australian SAS manual.

  5. lucywatchthesky says:

    I wish you had written this one day earlier, because I really needed it then. Dealing with emotional and energy vampires is so draining, but it’s a further exercise in boundary-setting. After all, according to the lore, a vampire only comes in if they’re invited. I wish I remembered that at the time.

    As for your boss, wait until nobody’s around, sanitize her doorknob, and then put as much of it as you can in your mouth and don’t wipe it off when you’re done. She won’t know what hit her. If she can be a vampire, you can be a Romero-esque disease transmitter.

  6. daffodil1209 says:

    Donna Eden’s book Energy Medicine for Women offers a short, 7-minute daily energy routine that grounds your energy, keeps it moving in the right direction, and makes it invisible to people wanting to ciphon it. Wish I’d known this stuff years ago~ It really works! Also, add baking soda/bath salts to your bath – the salt clears out your auric field, which might be “sticky,” as in, other people’s energy sticks to it easily, weighing you down.

  7. Hollander says:

    The best way to deal with ‘energy vampires’ is of course to stay away from them. If you cannot do it, you may try their own weapons (it works as a temporary solution, until you can get rid of them). All people communicate via enegry, as long as it’s not abusive this a natural thing. They come feeding on energy that they find ‘dissipated’; keep it all to yourself, very well-guarded, even ‘locked’ inside of you and they will have nothing to come to feed on.

  8. Z says:

    Saturn in Virgo….cleanse that Aura, cleanse that Aura !

  9. hitchhiker72 says:

    I’m trying, I’m trying!

  10. hitchhiker72 says:

    Thanks all for the various suggestions, including Lucy’s on sucking my boss’s door knob (triple yuck). Surely it’s easier to just sneeze on it? Lol.

  11. Rain says:

    Celestine Prophecy talked about this.

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