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I’d always been vaguely aware of astrocartography but never thought about it much even though I now live something like 6,000 miles away from where I was born, until Neith suggested I should do a relocation chart for myself. The results were fascinating.

A relocation chart basically casts your natal chart for the place of your choice. It could be somewhere you’re at right now, or hope to be in the future. While your natal chart is still your ‘main’ chart, the main map of your psyche, the relocated chart can bring up some themes that may arise for you when you move to a different location. Because the chart is cast for the time and date you’re born, the planetary configurations remain exactly the same in aspect as your natal chart. However, the change of location may alter the axes, that is, the house positions. The further you move from your place of birth, the more radical the shift in axes. But even a relatively small change in location may shift your house axes a few degrees, and that is sometimes enough to shift planets into different houses, or angles into different signs.

For example, my natal chart has a Gemini-Cancer stellium spanning across my 6th and 7th houses. In my relocated chart, the 5-planet stellium sits entirely within the 10th house! 6,000 miles have rotated my angles about 90 degrees and my natal Virgo midheaven is my relocated Ascendant, while my natal Gemini Descendant is my relocated midheaven. It was really interesting to find out, because my career was effectively ‘stuck’ in my country of birth; Uranus-Pluto in the 10th don’t cope well with conservative ideas and practices.

Moving to where I am now, with the 5-planet stellium (all personal planets + Saturn) in the 10th, my career is indeed beginning to take some shape. Although, of course relocated Pluto is now in my 1st house (which is resonating with Pluto transiting my natal 1st house now), and Uranus in my 2nd (don’t get me started on fluctuating finances!). My relocated chart even sheds some light on the invisibility at work I’ve been experiencing since I moved here. While relocated Mercury is right on the midheaven, it is opposed Neptune, that master of illusion, on the nadir. I might speak (and I often do), but it doesn’t mean I’m heard. My way out of this is not to try to be heard at work — it’s like shouting into a well with no echo; you don’t know where the sound goes. Instead, I try to be heard elsewhere — writing and blogging are two examples; applying my work to community is another; getting invited to speak in other cities helps too. Getting heard elsewhere seems to feedback into my place of work as they get to hear about it from other channels! (Isn’t astrology is cool?)

Just as there’s no such thing as a perfect chart, there’s no such thing as a perfect relocated chart. All the tensions you face with your natal aspects will still play out, only in different areas of life and to different degrees. Don’t forget that the relocated chart doesn’t supersede your natal chart — all the issues there are still operating!

Nevertheless, a relocation chart can offer much insight into how you relate to a place, though I think to get a full sense of the relocated chart, you would need to have settled in the new place for a little while. I don’t think it is a case of getting off the plane and thinking, ‘Aha! My career’s going to be fantastic now!’ The shifts are subtle. That said, however, there are some places I’ve travelled to where I’ve known immediately or very shortly after arriving whether it ‘vibes’ with me or not.

Jessica on Moonkissd offers a compelling account of her own experiences. The example she cites about vacationing is totally intriguing! I must try it the next time I plan a vacation!

P.S. You can get a relocation chart done on Astrodienst.

Image: Water transportation. Source: Wikimedia Commons.


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  2. neithonastrology says:

    Glad you had fun with those! 🙂

    When I spent time almost halfway around the globe from my birthplace, my Libra-Scorpio planets ended up in the 4th – 6th houses instead of in the last quarter of the top. Adults I met tended to treat me as if I were 15 instead of 25 – it was an odd time in my life. I lived there for 9 months, long enough to get a good “feel” for the relocation chart in action.

    Very good post!

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