Aural textures

Is it possible for auras to have textures? Words use to describe auras tend to be visual: clear, bright, dark, murky, and so on; sometimes even in colours. Is it possible to come into contact with someone whose aura feels slimey? Where coming into contact with them makes you feel the need to scrub it off later?

I met someone recently whom I shall have to work with. While he is perfectly civil and friendly on the surface, he is a very sticky friendly, and something doesn’t feel altogether healthy about it although I don’t know enough at this stage to make a clear judgement.

But for once, I should probably trust my instincts and maintain my distance.

Video: Stink spirit scene, Spirited Away.


7 Responses to Aural textures

  1. Eme Kah says:

    Yes, do! You can never go wrong trusting a strong instinct. I speak from experience!

  2. hitchhiker72 says:

    Thanks, Eme. I appreciate the advice!

  3. Eme Kah says:

    Hah. Today this female coworker came and sat down next to me at lunch and I thought of your post. She has that weird sticky energy that I can’t grok. It’s not quite as bad as dirty but it’s icky. I should watch that movie, btw. You got me curious.

  4. hitchhiker72 says:

    Glad I’m not the only one that feels this. Yes, I know what you mean that it’s not dirty but icky. Isn’t it weird? The film is great entertainment (you’ll find out that stink spirit really isn’t that stinky after all…) 🙂

  5. nray says:

    I echo Eme Kah: trust your instincts.

    And I want more of that video!

    *dashes away to YouTube*

  6. Donna Davidson says:

    I’m new to this blog, via a Julie Demboski’s tag on her post today. In reference to feeling slimed by someone, I experienced some people who left me feeling like I had walked through a spider web and had to brush if off until I could get to a shower to wash it off. That was in 1991 I think.

    I haven’t been textured like that before or since.
    I can sense clear, walled off and muddy auras.
    Once I saw a gold one, but mostly I can see when someone has cancer by their color. Sometimes light yellow, mostly gray.

    Like most of us I can walk into an empty room and feel anger in the air or quiet or dis-ease.

    Today, I feel a weird “waiting for the other foot to drop” in the air.

  7. hitchhiker72 says:

    Donna, thanks for stopping by. I definitely have the waiting-room sense today as well. I suspect Mercury station retrograde today, and Pluto station direct, are both contributing to the ‘suspension’ effect.

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