The lunar eclipse and my 2nd and 8th house axis

Really, I was going to come up with a wittier title to this post, but I’m still ‘reverbing’.

This lunar eclipse is supposed to ‘sprout the seeds’ of the solar eclipse in Cancer.

Well, on the day of that solar eclipse, after my happy encounter with the new energy provider, I went to see my bank for a debt consolidation loan and was turned down. Okay. It wasn’t too unexpected. Banks are jittery these days. I just made other plans to reduce not-a-very-large-but-large-enough-to-cause-minor-cash-flow-headaches credit card debt each month. Part of it is caused by a dispute with a previous employer, the details of which I will not enter into. This lunar eclipse is supposed to bring closure to events occurring about 18 months ago when this cycle of Leo-Aquarius eclipses began. Well, about 18 months ago, I left that job and started a new one.

Late this afternoon, after receiving news all day from friends (not all aware of astrology) who seemed to be experiencing little break-throughs and small triumphs, and I was beginning to think this eclipse might be an uneventful one for me, I got a call from my other bank (which I didn’t approach). They rang to offer me a pre-approved loan… To say I was floored is understating it.

I know it’s still a loan and not manna from heaven, but it offers me some reprieve and allows me to consolidate my existing debt into a more repayable form.

The 2nd house and the 8th house have to do with resources. The 2nd to do with your own resources and the 8th to do with others’. This might take the form of money, but it could well take other forms, such as time, energy, goodwill, sex, and so on.

What I did also receive today is a sudden flurry of social invitations, of a different sort to the 5th-11th house sociability axis. I’ve been getting invitations to do things with people, that is, to share resources with them.

I don’t know what to say. I’ve been reading about astrology and watching the transits to my chart as an amateur for years now, and I’m still surprised when things like that happen.

Image: Arcade coin pusher. Source: Wikimedia Commons.


One Response to The lunar eclipse and my 2nd and 8th house axis

  1. nray says:

    I’m glad the eclipse manifested so positively for you. I’m writing about mine now. I got more understanding. And, yes, I love the synchronicity, too.

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