Day before the solar eclipse: Home retreat

964098_lighthouse Sitting on the bus on the way home from work this evening, it occurred to me that I would do a day retreat at home tomorrow, the day before the much anticipated Solar Eclipse in Cancer. For once, I’m going to put aside my guilt of never doing enough work (Sun-Merc-Saturn in the 6th house), and plan a day of meditation and yoga, a day of replenishment and reminders of what nourishes.

Call it a renewal ritual, if you like, given all that has been said of this eclipse as one of coming to terms with the past, of releasing old emotional baggage, and transmuting old hurts into future promise.

This eclipse, as I’ve mentioned in various places, is taking place directly opposite my natal Moon in 29+ Capricorn in the 2nd House, and close to my South Node in Cancer in the 8th. Any baggage that will be dredged up will continue to be about my sense of self-worth (2nd house) and how I share my and others’ resources (8th house, which includes sex, death and taxes). (Lucy captures the relationship between the two houses poignantly and personally here).

Trudge through the posts in the past months (years?) and it’ll become evident that the tension between the two — what I value in myself and what I value in others — is a consistent theme. I don’t expect the eclipse suddenly to present the magic elixir and solve my problems in an instant, but I suspect what it might do is shift the energy sufficiently for me to look at and address them differently from what I have done thus far. Perhaps propel a leap in self-evolution! At least I hope it will. After all the hype, I’d be very disappointed if nothing happens! (And the voice in my head whispers, ‘Be careful what you wish for.’)

Here are snippets from astrologers around the web; read the whole articles, please!

  • Astrobarry:

    To mark Tuesday’s eclipse, let us dare to become outwardly real with our feelings… even when they may threaten the supposed sanctity of relationships we’re clinging to, though they may not be as great as we think they are if we must swallow the full truth to remain in them.

  • Eric Francis, of Planet Waves:

    Today is a day where it would make sense to look at your life and decide what you want to move on from. Based on the possibilities you see in the world, some of which may have just presented themselves to you recently, it is a day when you can take a step toward what you want to move on to: what circumstances, ideas, people, places and modes of self-expression you want to embrace.

  • Julie Demboski:

    We can expect matters of the Self, our origins in the past, and secrets or change, to be the eclipse effect for all of us, with reference to the House where the eclipse occurs; those with a natal hook must figure in the natal effect, as well, using common sense and positioning oneself mentally to make the most of available energies.

  • Lynn Hayes, of Astrological Musings:

    This New Moon is at the 29th degree of Cancer, within two degrees of the North Node. The 29th degree is sometimes called the “critical degree,” and there is a sense of something coming to a close, of needing completion. The New Moon, when the Sun and Moon conjunct, is typically a time of new beginnings; however, here we have something new beginning and closure occurring at the same time. The Sun is on the cusp of Leo, so the fresh new start is already in place – we have only to turn our view so that we are looking forward again and we will be in motion.

  • Neith, of Realastrologers:

    My feeling is this: If there is old business we need to address, the message to do so is going to come in loud and clear! Those matters brought to the surface at the Full Moon lunar eclipse on July 7 (likely related to the houses the Full Moon was in) will be shoved right in our faces. If we have been tending to these, then there is a good chance of wrapping things up in short order. If we have not, there will be a firm reminder this is a cardinal solar eclipse. Think irate mother finding out you didn’t take out the garbage when told to.

  • Pat Paquette, of Realastrologers:

    Emotional earthquakes shift us onto new ground. Something may have to end, but my guess is that most of you will make breakthroughs and experience some dramatic new beginnings.

  • Robert Wilkinson, of Aquarius Papers:

    This Eclipse will transform our intimate lives, our intimate feelings, and our intimate relations, both internal and external. This will help us end that which no longer nurtures us or what we need in order to uphold a standard we’ve relied on for however long. This can help us find support, or show support for others in our intimate circle. Of course, it will also end some previously intimate relationships that no longer accurately reflect our innermost needs and foundations.

Have a look also at Boots Hart’s ‘Eclipse Sandwich 2009’ in Daykeeper Journal.

See you on the other side of the eclipse! May you all manage to dump what you must dump, and remember that, under the right conditions, crap makes good fertilizer!

Image: Lighthouse. Source: stock.xchng.


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