Baking as therapy

loaf As the Moon in Pisces moves into the fourth house of my chart this weekend, and is about to move into opposition to Ceres, I have been baking, or rather, have been teaching myself to.

The picture on the left is my first attempt at a wholewheat loaf. I made a white loaf yesterday and had intended to take a picture of it, but was well into my fourth slice before I remembered…

Before this, I’d not thought of trying to bake bread without a machine. I’ve baked muffins and cookies and like experimenting in the kitchen but was always a bit daunted by the thought of baking bread by hand — all the kneading and proofing and the time it takes for the whole process to complete. As it turns out, the basic loaf doesn’t take that much time — instant yeast eliminates the need for a second rising.

There is something quite therapeutic about working the dough, squishing it between my fingers and slapping it around on the counter-top. It does wonders for the mild repetitive strain I get in my hands from typing too much on the computer. And the smell that wafts through my apartment is better than any anti-depressant. I haven’t even got to the eating yet…


2 Responses to Baking as therapy

  1. leslie devries says:

    You might like to invest in the Fannie Farmer Baking Book–it’s my baking bible–it got me through a baking job for a Waldorf School program for a year and has a lot of variety.

    Also, Ed Brown’s Tassajara Bread Book is superb!

  2. hitchhiker72 says:

    Hey, thanks for the recommendations! I’ll investigate!

    I have the Bread Baker’s Apprentice, and I like it but I don’t always have the time for overnight proving and so on, so I’m looking at a wide enough range of recipes that I can use or modify to suit my circumstances.

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