Small wonder: Banana pancakes

I have been making banana pancakes.

It’s the only thing I know to do right now in this coffee-press climate of clusterfucks, eclipses, internal turmoil, change, transition, transformation, etc., etc. (I refuse to use the ‘h—–‘ and the ‘w—–‘ words!).

Something about bananas and batter with just a hint of cinnamon lifts the spirit like nothing else. The sight, the smell, the sound of the sizzle on a griddle, and the taste, ah, the taste — not too soft, not too chewy, just the right amount of fluffiness with just a drizzle (not a drenching) of good maple syrup.

I have also been trying to teach myself to bake bread by hand, but maybe I’ll blog about that later. If there is indeed all this transmutation to be experienced, let’s go back to the basics — to what nourishes us in body and in spirit, and to what gives us genuine pleasure (not just gratification). Let’s remind ourselves of how, in spite of everything, there are few things as satisfying as the transformation of a bit of flour and water and egg on the palate into something close to divine.

Can you tell it’s my Venus in Cancer talking?

Image: Banana on pancake. Source: Wikimedia Commons.


5 Responses to Small wonder: Banana pancakes

  1. juliedemboski says:

    Nice advice, about getting back to basics–about twenty years ago I went through a very similar period, and learning to bake bread was one of the things I chose to help get me there, so I was pleased to see a kindred spirit–but I have to confess that banana pancakes are what they’d serve me in hell–guess everybody’s heaven is a little bit different!

    Thanks for the link, hitch, and happy eclipse (wait ’til you see the line of greeting cards for that random ‘holiday’!)


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  3. hitchhiker72 says:

    Hahaha, thanks, jd!

    What I didn’t add in the post was that I was making and eating banana pancakes at midnight. That’s Venus in Cancer depressed, I’d say. But my good ol’ Cap moon is very circumspect, and never goes too far. It’s bedding down for the eclipse right now, so I’ll see what happens.

    I am ever grateful for the astro-blogging community.

  4. nray says:

    I thought it was a Taurus planet speaking 🙂

  5. lucywatchthesky says:

    Pancakes should only ever be eaten at midnight. That’s my opinion. Last night I drank three Blue Point Blueberry Ales and they tasted like liquid blueberry pancakes. They got the job done, because I’m too lazy to cook. That’s my Sun in Pisces talking. 🙂

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