Too-tight shoes

If I could describe how I feel in these strange times, it would be what I just wrote on Julie Demboski’s blog:

Like wearing too-tight shoes and forgetting what it’s like not to have them pinch your feet…

I know these are Clusterf*** times, but if I hear any more advice about ‘wounding’ and ‘healing’, I think I’m going to … (well) … stab someone (or something)!

How about a break, Universe? Pretty please?

Image: Artemis of the Rospigliosi type. Source: Wikimedia Commons.


10 Responses to Too-tight shoes

  1. juliedemboski says:

    Hi hitch–

    I promise not to use the words ‘healing’ or ‘wounding’ for one full month.

    After that, all bets are off.


  2. hitchhiker72 says:

    LOL, jd. It’s a deal!

  3. Z says:

    YES !………I too have had ENOUGH of this Chiron “wounding-healing-wounding-healing ” incessant vibe…….Chiron needs to take a coffee break and get outta my space !

  4. william says:

    adam gainsburg in his chiron work says the halfway point between the moon
    and chiron- that degree- signifies how we “wound ourselves
    into wholeness” maybe check that for where the knife goes
    in… (mercury exact on it for me 27 aries, hmmm- so maybe
    I shouldn’t be writing…)

    oh yeah and that pluto is a real sweetheart too aint he?

  5. Eme Kah says:

    Look at it this way, if you do stab someone, this is the perfect time for them to heal. From the wounding. Just a thought.

  6. Sabina says:

    Yeah, HH72, and thanx, Eme, I haven’t had many good laffs lately. Cept Mystic Medusa had freereads lately and her scope for me Virgo this week “just as you’re ready to rise up and strangle Saturn in Virgo yourself & never mind what it does to the galaxy as a whole, Uranus goes bats.” Maybe we should turn ourselves in en masse before things really get out of hand – or tightly squeezed foot, as the case may be!

  7. nray says:

    Waiting and waiting and waiting for your next post, Hitch!

  8. hitchhiker72 says:

    Hey, nray, thanks for caring. I’ve been away for work this past week or so. Am a bit burnt out but will be back soon.

  9. neithonastrology says:

    Yes! I have been looking for the smart person who referred to NE & Co as the Clusterf****!! So far nobody I know, including myself, have been enjoying the so called benefits. If anything, I’ve been seeing and hearing about a great deal of self-deluding behaviors. You know, where people spend hours wondering why they didn’t get the brass ring – and the answer is totally obvious to those around them?!

    Here’s hoping once JU moves back, we’ll be able to catch our breath. Neptune is annoying but without Jupiter blowing everything out of proportion, there is hope. ::::fingers crossed:::

    [damn things are sq my ASC]

  10. hitchhiker72 says:

    Hi Neith, thanks for stopping by. I haven’t felt this much internal pressure since Saturn opposed Pluto in 2001 (also my Saturn return then). Aargh.

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