Hades Moon III: When our darknesses meet

Part I, II.


One of the characteristics of natives with the Hades Moon, Judy Hall notes, is the karmic link to other people with Hades Moons. She provides numerous examples in her book, which point to individual and familial karma.

After I put the book down, I logged in to my astrology software and looked at the charts of my family and close friends, including those with whom the closeness was only short-lived. Should I be surprised that every single one has a Hades Moon? Either with Moon in Scorpio, or with Pluto in (Ptolemic) aspect to the Moon. I didn’t look up the more minor aspects because I didn’t need to. Everyone who is, or was at one time, important to me had a Hades Moon. Given that the moon changes signs every two and a half days or so, this doesn’t feel like simply a series of random coincidences.

As Judy Hall writes in her chapter on the ‘Karmic Moon’:

There may be a great deal of ‘between-life’ (or interlife) planning behind an apparently random meeting and the drawing together of a group, or indeed behind an intractable or conflict-prone situation. We draw towards ourselves exactly the people and situations we need in order to both overcome our difficulties in the past and to find ways of maximizing our potential by integrating the lessons of the past into our present life. (198)

My father, who has one of the most painful charts I’ve seen, has a Moon conjunct Pluto, and Sun conjunct Chiron. My mother, like me, has Moon trine Pluto. My brother, whose chart sometimes feels like a mirror image of mine (his Ascendant is my Descendant to the exact degree), has Moon trine Pluto, but in a wider orb. (Judy Hall writes that the power of Pluto in aspect to the Moon is such that its influence may be felt in orbs as wide as 12 degrees.) Needless to say, ‘frivolity’ isn’t a family trait. Even when we love and laugh, we do so with immense intensity. When life gets to us, it gets us in the gut. Every major life experience for each of us individually or as a family feels like a psychic disembowelling.

Does the Hades Moon explain all? Of course not, but it offers a very useful beginning.

Image: Eight of Cups, Rider-Waite tarot deck.


11 Responses to Hades Moon III: When our darknesses meet

  1. Lee Jofa says:

    this inspires me so much

    im ready hades moon right now

    i would have to say its a very good beginning

  2. shawn says:

    I have noticed that the transiting trine from Pluto to the lights often results in the greatest successes for top athletes. To get a feel for this one, watch Kobe Bryant tonite as he goes for another NBA title against the Orlando Magic. He is getting the trine from Pluto to his natal sun and he is the embodiment of desire and determination. He seemingly cannot be denied.
    As for myself, this Hades moon married a woman with a new moon in Scorpio conjunct the AC, ZOINKS!

  3. hitchhiker72 says:

    Hi Shawn, zoinks! indeed! Ah well, put two Hades moons together and I reckon life will never be boring!

  4. Jardine says:

    I can relate to this … my grandmother, I and my daughter have Moon square Pluto, my mother as Moon and Pluto in her 8th. A lot of raw emotional energy in my family. My best friend has Moon opposite Pluto. No doubt we have come together for the purpose of transformation.

  5. hitchhiker72 says:

    Hi Jardine, thanks for stopping by.

    Are you the same Jardine that commented about Pluto crossing your Ascendant sometime last year? If so, how is everything? Hope the worst has past and you are beginning to rebuild.

    If you aren’t the same Jardine, welcome, all the same!

  6. sasha says:

    I come from a family in which there is a similar ‘tradition’ – my mother has moon conjunct pluto, her mother was a scorpio with moon square pluto, my father has moon-pluto opposition. they all had tense lives, with somehow excessive needs and prices to pay.
    I wonder if pluto transits are a bit different for lunar plutonians (aren’t they already used to raw emotionality, darkness, shadow work, etc.?) i haven’t had one yet, i just heard all kinds of strories about them and i’ve seen what some people close to me had to experience during that period.

  7. hitchhiker72 says:

    Hi, sasha, that’s really interesting, the point about whether lunar plutonians weather Pluto transits any better. I don’t know the answer but I think it’ll just take on a different colouration. There isn’t just one kind of ‘darkness’ — each person’s shadow is his/her own — and people develop different coping mechanisms over time (or not!). People born with Pluto in aspect to any other personal planet will have all those issues to deal with too, they just might take different form.

    Thanks for stopping by. Certainly food for thought.

  8. sasha says:

    Yes, definately, ‘darkness’ was just a general term i found … at hand. I gather people who don’t have pluto aspects are somehow forced by circumstances brought about by the pluto transit to dig deeper in themselves, to cope with pain, to understand what’s going on/changing … probably those with natal pluto aspects do this on a regular basis (or at least they should) and, in the same time, attract (even unconsciously) a specific kind of situations.
    I don’t have a clear idea about this, I know people who were actually forced to face death (not in a figurative sense ..) during pluto transits – my husband lost his mother during a pluto suare to his moon, my grandmother lost 2 of her children … one during a pluto-moon square and the other during a pluto-moon trine; but they both had active natal pluto; my grandmother in particular was by nature hard as a stone (scorpio with aries moon squared by pluto)… so I guess the experiences of the transit are just as bad (if not even worse, I really don’t know), but the way they cope with them may be different … this is why I asked about your transit, do they always imply ‘concrete loss’?
    I also wonder if there’s any connection with genetics (as if moon-pluto had genetic correspondent that manifests on a psychological level..), the coincidence is too strange.

  9. sasha says:

    Why do you say your father’s chart is one of the most painful you’ve seen, if you don’t mind my asking … I also have chiron conjunct sun, besides moon pluto.

  10. hitchhiker72 says:

    sasha, because all nearly all his planets are clustered in the 12th house and he always seemed to be processing a lot of psychic pain.

  11. sasha says:

    oh, my. got it. thanks.

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