Hades Moon

hades-moon I spent this new moon in Gemini (quincunx Pluto) weekend reading Judy Hall’s
Hades Moon: Pluto in Aspect to the Moon
. The book is powerful and carries a strong Plutonian aura. While I was (am) very drawn to it, I had to put it down a number of times and actually go into short, but deep, naps, as if my unconscious needed the down time to process everything I was taking in. I ended up reading with while handling a small quartz tumblestone crystal in my hand. In metaphysical healing, quartz is said to help with harmonising inner and outer energies, along with dissolving built-up energies.

I’m not sure if those without a strong Plutonian signature can bear the weight of the ideas and stories in the book, as the effects of Pluto aspecting the moon are told through myth and personal case studies, many of which are traumatic, distressing, heavy and karmic. Judy Hall does write of the transformative power of Pluto but one cannot call the process ‘light’ or ‘easy’. As with all Plutonian experiences, entering the pit of Hell (Hades) becomes a necessary purification ritual before transformation can take place. Nevertheless, entering these various hells of people I don’t know via the book seems to offer me a catharsis of my own, and a way of working through my own Hades moon issues. So it’s not an easy book to read by any means, but I have a hunch that those who gravitate towards it wouldn’t expect a light read anyway.

I’ll post some personal responses to the book soon, but my unconscious needs to work on it a bit more. In the meantime, here are some reviews and responses to the book and its ideas:

  • Anne Robertson
  • Google Books
  • Melody’s Blog has a 4-part series
  • Neith, here, and here
  • Parts II and III.


6 Responses to Hades Moon

  1. NR says:

    I have Judy Hall’s “The Karmic Journey.” My only July Hall book. I really love her work!

  2. hitchhiker72 says:

    The Hades Moon book is like none other I’ve read, in that it really gets under your skin, so I’m looking forward to discovering her other books. Will look out for the Karmic Journey, thanks.

  3. juliedemboski says:

    Hi Hitch!

    Will certainly read this book-I, like NR, have Hall’s ‘The Karmic Journey’ and found it brilliant, so am glad to have this one brought to my attention.

    I’m a little late getting here to let you know about your Lemmy, but would add that participation is entirely voluntary, a way to spread the love and let your readers know where you like to go and why, but should bring you no pressure.

    Hope I’ve sent some readers your way–you deserve a big audience–

  4. hitchhiker72 says:

    Hi Julie, you have, thanks!

    Lots to process about my own Hades Moon — was freaked to find out on going back and looking at the charts of close friends and family that all of them have Pluto-Moon aspects too…

    Like your other nominees, I’m going to have to think about my own ‘Lemmy’ nominations — too many good blogs out there.


  5. Lee Jofa says:

    i have that book too!

    i really love her work

    it makes me want to learn so much more!

    thank you 🙂

  6. Lee Jofa says:

    i have that book too!

    i really love her work

    it makes me want to learn so much more!

    thank you 🙂

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