Adventures of the Invisible Girl III

850447_neptunes_cave I want to thank everyone on the forum who helped me ponder my apparent invisibility.

I am currently re-reading Joy Michaud’s The Uranus-Neptune Influence (1994). She writes that the way to best channel Neptune’s idealism and ethereality is through Saturn, not so much in terms of fencing in, or limiting, Neptune’s expression, but in the sense of giving it concrete structure (51):

Until Saturn’s responsibility is comprehended as fully as possible and worked with on both an inner and outer level, Neptune will continue to weave deceptive fantasies, generating false and deluded needs and desires which will then continue to enslave the lower ego until the negative for them is unearthed. (52)

My chart is heavily Saturnian, and I have Saturn opposite Neptune. It figures that my constant call for structure, something I struggle with, may itself be the delusion. I suspect, in my case, rather than being even more Saturnian, I’ve got to tip the balance back towards Neptune, and lighten up a bit:

Neptune’s hidden message may be realized through allowing impressions to evolve through our feelings, our senses, and our intuition. (61)

Come to think of it, being invisible has its advantages. One can easily slip past barriers and radar. I’m going to try and enjoy my invisibility this week, or maybe work towards ‘slight invisibility’*?

*P.S. I love this site!

Image: Neptune’s Cave, Sardinia, Italy. Source: stock.xchng


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