You ‘are’ who I project, but who am I?

The more I read about Venus retrograde and self-reassessment, the more my unconscious behaviour is starting to surface, and I’m using this blog, as ever, as a means of keeping it in the light.

As I summed up in a previous post, Venus retrograding in the self-centred sign of Aries is forcing us to come to terms with who that self is for each of us, or as Eric Francis put it, how to have a ‘relationship with ourselves’. Boots Hart’s article on the retrograde addresses how the self will need to engage, not just who it is or what it wants, but, crucially, what it also projects onto others:

The Aries warrior is one who saves the city because the city needs saving—not for the sake of personal ego or revenge. The totem symbol here is the ram, a creature which if challenged will defend itself and its own with great determination, but which doesn’t go look for a fight. And even in these Aries basics we see connectivity in the keywords for the sign, which are “I Am.” Obviously this has to do with birth and life and Self, all of which are pretty cosmic. This asks who are you? What’s your purpose in this world and who are you that you exist at all? What are you as part of Existence? …

Yet with Venus retrograde in Aries, it’s far easier to focus on difficulties instead of possibility. And that’s the trap. That’s your ego using the Venus/Mars/Aries thing to close you in instead of open you up. This is a curious time and a curious dynamic, for it seeks to symbolically detach us from others so that we can get a better perspective on the greater whole and thus an appreciation for our potential, otherwise known as inspiration, determination and motivation.

And just in case you can’t innately get with the idea of how precious the All of you is, let’s consider what happens if you don’t use all of you. Psychologists call this “projection.” How it works is simple: you’re 100% of you, but remember, in a universe composed entirely of energy, you’re energy. So if you don’t use all you are (energy, otherwise known as your Venus-Taurus self-worth + security = ability quotient), that energy hangs in the air until someone else comes close enough for that energy to attach itself to them. Get it? That means that if you play weak, or you refuse to be all you can be, the energy you don’t use makes others that much stronger. That’s what causes things to go wrong: when out of balance, human nature acts in an unbalanced way.

The description of projection here as a transference of energy is new to me; Hart argues that projection occurs because of residual energy of ourselves that we don’t fully embody that energy ourselves. Hmm, this doesn’t explain why some people pick up on that energy and some don’t, or maybe it does? And maybe we pick up on others’ residual energy as well. Still, the call to use all of ourselves in order to be ourselves is compelling. I’ve often complained that people don’t see ‘all’ of me, and that they project onto a space they have projected onto me, but maybe it’s because I’ve never put all of me out there to be seen.

Image: Mirror. Source: Wikimedia Commons.


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