Time to practise what I preach

758221_baby__goats Reassessing what I value must include extending those values to others.

If there is anything Mercury in Gemini values, it is the power of words.

So, I’ve made an unequivocal apology to Mercury in Virgo for speaking out of turn (numerous times), for my anger, my behaviour, and my psychosis over the past couple of weeks. A dose of Drs Ellis and Harper’s A Guide to Rational Living
made me remember that you can’t make people do, think or feel what you want, nor should you. People have a right to the dignity of their own destinies, as do you.

While I can’t ensure I’ll never pick a fight again, I can certainly try and keep the karmic debt cycles as short, and as infrequent, as possible.

Image: Baby goats. Source: stock.xchng


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