Venus retrograde: Reassessing what you value

These are tense times. Scanning the headlines on the Huffington Post makes me dizzy, anxious, and mildly depressed. Trying to fix the world is important, but perhaps the only way to do that is to look within and fix ourselves, if ‘fix’ is even the right word.

The current Venus retrograde in Aries is an opportunity to reassess what we value (Venus-ruled) in ourselves and others, and also a reminder to nourish that which gives us pleasure (also Venus-ruled). If like me, you feel a bit like a casualty of the craziness reflected in the current planetary transits, the Venus retrograde may encourage some personal insight that can help with the rest of it.

So what does Venus retrograding in Aries ask of us?

From Neith:

What is a Venus retrograde good for? In this instance, it may tone down the Aries desire to burn bridges as fast as they are crossed and allow more time to evaluate a person or situation. As with all retrograde periods, we can use the time to finish up projects, particularly artistic and creative endeavors under Venus’s aegis. This is a great time to go on retreat to someplace calm and beautiful to restore one’s inner being and get back in touch with what is truly valuable to us. Most of us live in a fast-paced world and need the occasional reminder to slow down and breathe; Venus moving slowly in reverse offers this opportunity.

I’m going to do this starting right after I post this. Retreat to somewhere calm, that is. If only in my own mind. My practice has dropped off intermittently due to intense work and life stress these past months, and I don’t feel so much like I’ve lost my centre, as I’ve let it drift away from me.

From Eric Francis (originally from the Planet Waves Astrology News subscriber version):

Venus retrograde in Aries takes us into the territory of the relationship we have with ourselves. For one thing, it emphasizes the point that we have an inner relationship at all. That relationship is often suppressed because there is so much misgiving in there, which we call things like “low self-esteem” or “depression.” Most humans, so far as I can tell, have not come to terms with their own existence, and so our self-relating is fundamentally an exercise in doubt.

Plenty of what we experience in relationships — the adulation, the cruelty, the admiration, the love — is about projection. Venus retrograde in Aries is about taking back those projections, and seeking something within ourselves. That could be a feminine identity within the prevailing masculine concept of “self” that we exist with. That sounds like making a discovery of the inner goddess, a core feminine identity that is entirely different than what we normally think of as ourselves. For both men and women, Venus retrograde in Aries is about seeking the beauty we see outside ourselves, within ourselves.

Oh, the cruelty. Why do we inflict so much of it on ourselves and those we love? Sometimes it feels like one never comes without the other, and that the business of conducting relations is to keep them in constant equilibrium. How to take back those projections? And equally how to return that which is projected onto us? My inner goddess, like the picture above, seems to be asleep. How to wake her up again?

Image: Venus Inebriated by a Satyr or “La Nuda” by Annibale Carracci. Source: Wikimedia Commons.


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