Now you see me, now you don’t

One of the reasons I really like Elsa P’s blog is that she relates aspects in the natal chart very directly and pithily to human behaviour. She writes quite a bit on Neptune aspects which I find fascinating and illuminating. Neptune is in my 12th house and often I find that I can’t quite get a grasp on it, much less try and direct the energy in a way that is useful.

Recently, Elsa blogged about ‘People who forget how much they like you … Venus Neptune the most likely culprit’, and I nearly jumped out of my chair. She puts it down to Neptune’s effect (dissolving, hallucinatory) on Venus (likeability and value). Here’s part of the post:

Here is another weird thing that happens in and around me with that Neptune action. It is very easy for people to forget they like me. They also can forget they don’t like me, I’ll get to that next. But on this other, there are people who like me, maybe even like me a lot, maybe they even love me but they lose track of this somehow and treat me like crap!

This leads to separation of course at which point with a little time, say an hour or a year depending, they think back and say, ya know. I really liked that Elsa after all. I actually regret slitting her throat, what was I thinking?

At that point they come back in my life and I am understandably cagey. Will their brain leave them again? Probably.

Oh boy, could I relate! And I could never work it out — why do some people flock to me so closely like bees to nectar for an intense period of time, then almost overnight treat me like I’m invisible or a piece of furniture to be noticed only when it is there to be sat on. I can only conclude that they got whatever nectar they got, leaving the flower bewildered, because the flower didn’t know she was a flower and thought she was another friendly bee (okay, I think that’s as far as I can stretch the metaphor, but you know what I mean?). I was thus prompted to post in the comment stream:

Elsa, this is excellent, thanks! I have Venus quincunx Neptune and I never really figured it out.

People are drawn to me initially, then later on either treat me like crap, or like I don’t exist. When I call them on it (’how come we haven’t met in ages?’), I get quizzical looks like I’m needy or something (’I didn’t think you were waiting for me to call’, etc.). Um, no I wasn’t waiting!

But given that we talked and met so much in the beginning and now not at all, surely it’s not unreasonable to ask?

What really made me jump out of my chair was another reader who responded:

I get that too hitchhiker. I don’t call them on it though, just silently return the favor and leave. And like magic…I’m visible again. Neptune/Mercury…I mirror, appear/disappear, leave people with my double.

Amazing! I want to test it. Only it makes me wonder if I’m then doomed to grasping at shadows, or rather being a shadow, sorta like in the cheap movies where the ghost doesn’t realise she’s a ghost and wonders why everyone is looking through her? What intensifies the bewilderment is that Neptune is not only opposing my Mercury (speech), so people often also don’t hear what I’m saying or misinterpret it, but that the Venus-Neptune quincunx is part of the yod configurationthat makes trying to talk about it enormously difficult.

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3 Responses to Now you see me, now you don’t

  1. cooloften says:

    Why does it matter so much what someone else thinks of us? Why the never-ending need to please?

    True happiness comes from within. People notice. May not notice. Sometimes people notice too much. But what do people know of the real you? Nothing.

  2. sasha says:

    Oh, moon pluto and mercury-neptune. Do you sense them relating to your personality like this, can you actually grasp their effect?
    (I have venus biquintile neptune, which i don’t have a concrete image of and a loose trine moon-neptune … apart from the pluto opposition; i can easily understand how pluto ‘functions’, but I cannot see the influence of neptune .. maybe because it’s weaker, i don’t know).

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