Crossed paths

Ever wonder if the people who cross our paths are somehow meant to cross them? I don’t necessarily mean it in a mystical or supernatural sense, but more like a gestalt sense: a sense that in the crossing of paths is a lesson to be learned about one’s momentary being in the world.

Do we meet who we are meant to meet, or do we feel like we are meant to meet them after we’ve met them? Italo Calvino’s The Castle of Crossed Destinies
explores the nature of narrative meaning-making via the medium of tarot cards.

But rather than being about how tarot facilitates narrative meaning-making, Calvino’s novel calls attention to how narrative meaning-making is facilitated by the pictorial imagery of the tarot. In other words, the need to make meaning makes meaning out of whatever is in front of us.

When paths cross and individuals meet, these nodes of potential meaning spark to life. But they are just that — potential. What happens when new paths cross that look like old ones? Do we read the new pathways according to old ones? Do we judge new people by ones we’ve known? Do we judge ourselves by how we’ve been?

I’m trying to tread new ground.

Image: Interchange near Lausanne. Source: Wikimedia Commons.


3 Responses to Crossed paths

  1. mm says:

    Maybe just to be aware of what we are doing, and the dangers and limitations thereof ……

    I want to read that book

    Happy New Year, HH72.

  2. gonetothepoorhouse says:

    In the process of looking over my newborn blog…it felt so forced…I just hit the “random button,” and came across this beautiful page.

    I’ve made some meaning out of this chance meeting.

  3. hitchhiker72 says:

    Thanks, both, for crossing paths…

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