Pluto in Capricorn: Managed to dodge the flying debris?

Or withstand it at least?

Pluto rumbles into 0° Capricorn (or 30° Sagittarius, depending on who you read) today, marking the end of a thirteen and a half year trawl through Sagittarius. A quick google search will throw up many astrological analyses of the period, the hidden (Pluto) excesses (Sagittarius) of which we are just seeing now. Pluto on the cusp of a new sign marks not just the transition into a new era, but also the overhauling of its entire architecture and decor:

Pluto changing signs changes the backdrop to society. The backdrop changes the quality of the energy in the room, the way things look and feel and ultimately how people conduct themselves. On the interior, Pluto guides our growth process. It can take us through the most satisfying and challenging “lessons” and opportunities of our lives; it is the real work, the deeper purpose, the experience of identifying with soul rather than with this elusive, verging-on-nonexistent thing we call ego. (Eric Francis, Planet Waves blog, 26 November 2008)

It is a process with which I described as being akin to Yeats’ rough beast, which destroys by grinding to dust outmoded lifestyles, ideals and institutions, and in some cases aspects of our psyches. But in the grinding is also an act of transformation and purification.

Pluto in Capricorn promises prudence (Capricorn) but not without pain (Pluto). Or as the cliche goes, ‘It’ll get worse before it gets better.’ That’s partly because while we’re faced with new challenges, we haven’t yet got the coping mechanisms to deal with them. So we fall back on what we know, for a time, until we gain new insight and grow new skins (if we’re open).

By the end of Pluto’s 16 year tour through Capricorn, taking us to 2024, I have little doubt that the world will be leaner, if not meaner. Pluto, the great transformer, will have its run of our time-tested institutions and social structures (just look at the banks now), and forcing a shift in structures (Capricorn) of power (Pluto). But it won’t be before those very structures (Capricorn) struggle to hold on to the power (Pluto) they sense is slipping from them.

What can help us navigate the Kafkaesque universe of soon-to-be-outmoded neoliberal instrumental rationality, petty bureaucracy and perverse power-mongering is to be certain of our own centres, our own inviolable cores, which we can nurture, even as we draw strength from them, with awareness, patience and a large dose of compassion.


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