So, does the world look different yet?


Not quite post-Bush, not quite fully Obama yet.

Yet, unless one is a die-hard right-winger in denial, the world is already looking and feel different. Like waking up from a long sleep, a long, druggy, Neptune in retrograde sleep. Neptune stationed direct on 2nd November, just two days before the election, not so much dispelling the fog as infusing it with the hope, inspiration, and compassion that mark Neptune’s higher ideals.

The mess we’ve inherited is still there, for sure, but our collective self-doubt is lifting, as it must. Chiron and the North Node is there along with Neptune in Aquarius to remind us of all that needs to be done within ourselves before we can do the work that must be done elsewhere.

Image: Color spectrum. Source: stock.xchng.


2 Responses to So, does the world look different yet?

  1. mm says:

    That NYT piece (the one on guns) is scary ….

    Strange, hopeful time. Neither one thing nor another. Got a feeling 2009 will be quite a year.

  2. hitchhiker72 says:

    About the guns – yeah, I don’t get it either.

    I have trouble believing 2008 is fast running out. I seem to remember ringing in the new year… (and Pluto going out of Sag).

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